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Oct 16, 2021
5.1 and up
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Fall Dudes 3D MOD APK is a mobile game based on the Playstation and PC game Fall Guys. It’s almost like a prequel made specifically for Android, in which you battle opponents in a super fun mini-game full of traps, obstacles, and colorful opponents.

Introducing to Fall Dudes

To be nice to the developers, Fall Dudes 3D can be described as a basic version of the game. The mechanics are identical: we guide our character through incredible and bizarre levels with the sole goal of surviving. It’s a simple goal, but it’s not easy to achieve.

Compete with other players


Fall Dudes 3D pits players against 39 other players at the same time in a fierce competition. The player will control the main character in each round and attempt to assist him in becoming the ultimate winner. You’ll run and jump over obstacles, as well as between pendants and stadiums and on football fields. And if you run into an obstacle along the way, the character will flip, get up, and continue moving right away. As a result, give it you’re all until the end of the game because anyone has a chance to win.

Tons of interesting mini-games


Fall Dudes 3D provides you with many mini-games to play with.

  • Don’t keep bombs: You will be participating in the chaotic arena when you hold bombs to put in the hands of others, when the time is up, you will pass the game screen when there are no bombs in your hand.
  • Fruit land: Explore the fruit squares and memorize the position of each fruit. When the time is up, you need to stand in the correct position given by the game. Otherwise, you will lose the game.
  • Choose the real door: In the game of choosing the real door, you will have to find the right door that can be opened to get through it faster than other players.
  • Jump over obstacles: Players will control their character to jump over obstacles on the way. You can get swollen head when hitting obstacles. Be careful!

Customize your character


With the help of cutely designed shapes, you will be able to control the characters. They resemble small beans and are sometimes as popular as sausage. They appear to be adorable running food. You can also change the appearance of your character. As you progress through the game’s challenging levels, you’ll be able to unlock new and eye-catching outfits. In this exciting battle royale battle, let your style stand out from the crowd.

Cute 3D graphics and simple control system

Fall Dudes 3D’s graphics are designed in a multi-dimensional 3D format. You’ll think the character design is adorable. The mini-games are also designed with a lot of bright colors to help players relax and enjoy themselves while playing this entertaining game. Furthermore, Fall Dudes 3D’s control system is very user-friendly. Only a scroll button and a single jump key are available.

What is Fall Dudes 3D MOD APK worth playing?

There is now a slew of competitive games with battle royale-style gameplay. They’re described as large-scale shooting games like PUBG and Fortnite… These games, on the other hand, are frequently exciting to play. It can sometimes cause more stress than enjoyment for players. Fall Dudes 3D, on the other hand, is an online battle royale game with hilarious gameplay and thrilling competition between 39 players. You’ll be playing in random games with other players, which the system will arrange at random. Especially, Fall Dudes 3D has no “pay to win” aspect, meaning that you will not have to pay for any in-app purchase. But as usual, you have to put up with annoying pop-up advertisements in the freemium titles. Eliminate this annoyance by downloading Fall Dudes 3D MOD APK from our website. No ads, no annoyance, just fun. So, what are you waiting for?

FAQs about Fall Dudes 3D MOD APK

Can I play this game without connecting to the Internet?

  • Sadly no. Until now, the game only has Online mode.

Can I play this game on all Android devices?

  • Unfortunately, this MOD is only compatible with Android 5.0 or higher.

Fall Dudes 3D MOD APK is a relatively new game that provides players with an entirely new experience. This game has won the hearts of many players all over the world thanks to its simple but highly competitive gameplay. Are you looking for a game that you can play with your friends in real-time? Fall Dudes 3D is unquestionably the best option.


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