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  • Unlimited Money


Factory Inc makes use of resources from the story of developing a company that manufactures plastic products, provides necessary items, and packages goods in order to earn extra money. Feel free to dive into Factory Inc’s simple yet addictive gameplay as you become the boss of an entire factory. Do whatever it takes to increase your productivity, select the appropriate products to manufacture, and earn enough profits to upgrade your facilities. Discover more about addictive gameplay by reading our Factory Inc Mod APK.

What is Factory Inc APK?

Factory Inc allows players to run a company that makes household appliances, plastic toys for children, and other essentials. With large production lines, you will need to hire a sufficient number of people. To earn money, players play the role of management, confirm orders, and pack. Opening new production lines and expanding your company will keep you in the game.

Factory Inc MOD APK 1

  • Provide appropriate business strategies so that players can effectively manage their production companies.
  • Implement production plans such as item development and mass production.
  • Develop your management skills as you grow your company into a city-wide supplier of home appliances.
  • With specific plans, expand production and business activities, hire more people, and outfit machines.
  • Earn money by exporting goods, packing them, receiving customer invoices, making reasonable investments, and working.

What makes Factory Inc APK so enjoyable?


The player’s main task will be to conquer Factory Inc using perfect business strategies. To expand your business, you must devise some feasible plans. Starting at the bottom, you will have to work hard with small orders.

You will receive more orders of high value after expanding and purchasing more machines. The development process will be determined by your skills to control money, time, and work.

Factory Inc MOD APK 2


Factory Inc provides a wide range of exclusive production equipment for you to choose from in order to give your employees more work. The existence of more than 20 different machines will result in more new products for the factory.

However, the space must be expanded to accommodate more machines and personnel. You must spend the money you earn each day wisely. Each conveyor belt can produce over 90 different items. However, they are unlocked and traded based on your level.


The player manages his or her earnings by selecting from a list of items manufactured and packaged by Factory Inc. Each type of item will have its own price range. The player must, however, follow the customer’s request for the type of product. When you meet all of their requirements, you will receive the bonus in full. The manufacturing process is also time-consuming, which players will overcome with specific trading strategies.

Factory Inc MOD APK 3


Factory Inc will be the hub for players to develop innovative ideas and solid business plans for the factory’s production line. You must ensure that you are an excellent manager. You will also manage the number of items in stock, upcoming orders, and some shipped orders.

All activities, from machines to receiving credit, are decided by the player. That is why you must work harder to advance your company in the game.


Upgrading factories and production lines are critical in a business simulation game like Factory Inc. Because the factory is a place where goods are manufactured and profits are generated, the speed with which your business develops is entirely dependent on the factory’s quality. When factories and machines are upgraded, the rate of production increases, and the value of the goods increases.

You should also concentrate on expanding your production area. You can buy new machines and expand production in a variety of ways. However, you will have to pay a high price to acquire these areas.

Factory Inc is an intriguing simulation game with an adorable graphics background. If you enjoy business or want to demonstrate your ability to run a business, you should not miss this game. It has many distinct features and can become addictive in the long run.

Factory Inc MOD APK 4


Most games nowadays require an internet connection or mobile data to play. We are all aware that this is not always possible! When we need to play a game, we may be at a birthday party, at the park, or somewhere else. These games are our only companions at the moment. Factory Inc APK has the added bonus of being playable offline!

Tips for Playing Factory Inc APK

Running a business is no laughing matter. It takes a tremendous amount of time, patience, and understanding to even construct one. As a result, we decided to provide some helpful tips for beginners in Factory Inc. Having said that, here are some Factory Inc playing tips:


To grasp the complexities of the game, you must first grasp the fundamentals. There are numerous ways to increase your earnings in Factory Inc. Not all of them, however, are worth your time. You will begin by manually producing your products, and once you have sold a few, you will be able to start purchasing machines to help speed up the process.

You can also hire managers to assist you as you scale your production. When you earn money, you must reinvest it in new equipment and improve your existing ones. The goal is to automate the entire process so that money can continue to flow in.


At the bottom-right corner of the screen, there is money and a speed booster. Tapping them will show you a video ad, after which it will double your income for a set period of time. Always do this when it is possible because it increases your sales significantly.


Your machines are the heart of the factory. You will have to do everything by yourself if you do not have them. As a result, it is critical to buy newer, faster, and more powerful ones whenever possible, and to upgrade existing ones whenever possible.

Factory Inc MOD APK 5

Factory Inc Mod APK – Unlimited money and gems


Do not want to watch advertisements or wait a long time for your company to become profitable? Download the free upgrade + buy the mod now to start earning money indefinitely!

Players will need to put in a lot of time and effort to be successful. Control all factory activities and improve the production schedule. Grow your company by expanding your customer base and staff.

Exploiting and managing effectively, befitting a multi-talented leader. Download the Factory Inc Mod APK to profit from the factory’s production of various items.


If you still find the ads and in-game purchases bothersome, you can always install and play our modified version of the game instead. You will have unlimited money and free shopping without having to pay anything. In addition, all of the in-game content has been properly unlocked. As a result, you can fully enjoy it. All you have to do is get the Factory Inc Mod APK from TECHTODOWN.net and install it.


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