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Varies with device
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Mar 26, 2012
Dec 21, 2023
Varies with device
Varies with device
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The problem with recording on your phone is that there’s no app for it. You need to download and install other apps, but not all those work well enough or have features you’ll want! Easy Voice Recorder Pro offers an easy recording application and is fun to use. With many useful settings, it will make sure you can easily record any pieces of audio and save them in the app for later use!

Easy Voice Recorder Pro APK

If you’re looking for an easy voice recorder that’ll capture any important conversations, look no further than Easy Voice Recorder Pro. We’ve got all the features and reviews to help decide if this program is right for your needs!

Introducing Easy Voice Recorder Pro

Easy Voice Recorder Pro is a perfect app for recording audio on the go. With its wide variety of features and compatibility with many different types of devices, you’ll never be without what you need when it comes time to make that important call or just capture some memories from last week! Are you looking for a great way to record your voice? With the built-in microphone on your mobile devices, and enabling advanced filters & effects with ease – Capture It Now is here. This app will let you capture any moment in perfect audio quality right now without having too much trouble! You can access simple features like editing where we take care of all those little details so that they sound as good or better than before; plus freely share what was recorded online without worries at all.

Easy Voice Recorder Pro APK

Explore Easy Voice Recorder Pro APK features

The new easy-to-use voice recording app is now available on Google Play. It can be used to make awesome recordings, and it’s free! So what are you waiting for? Get downloading right away so that your next project or idea isn’t left in the dust. The best voice recorder for Android is now easier than ever with Easy Voice Recorder Pro. The app will need certain access permissions upon installation and users should be sure to consider it accordingly since its requests may affect how well the program functions on your device (or not). For those who have been waiting for the latest app upgrade, now is a great time! Make sure that your device firmware versions are up-to-date and you can finally enjoy all of these great features.

Using simple

The Easy Voice Recorder Pro app has a clean, modern interface that will make it easy for Android users to learn and use. The accessible features are right in front of you on the screen so there’s no need to go back into menus or anything else when just want something simple like recording your voice!

Easy Voice Recorder Pro APK

Support multiple apps for Android users

Easy Voice Recorder Pro is the perfect app for anyone who wants to record their voice with a high-quality microphone. It has several advanced features that will surely meet your needs and more! Recording lectures is a great way to study on the go or when you don’t have access. You can enable recording in your class and feel free to use it as many times as necessary, with an unlimited amount of playback time! For businesses, it’s a good idea to invest in the recording app. You’ll be able to keep your work efficiency high by easily and quickly saving interviews or important conversations for later use! Share these recorded clips with colleagues so everyone has access from anywhere at any time- not just when they’re nearby you as well. Now you can record anything, from music to simple everyday sounds. With this new app for iOS and Android devices alike, it’s easy as pie!

Easy Voice Recorder Pro APK

The sound is recorded in detail

The Easy Voice Recorder Pro will be a great app for iPhone and Android users. With this program, you can record any phone call with the highest quality settings that are available on your device- whether it’s PCM or AMR files! They’re all easy to use too; just make sure not to let anyone hear what I’m saying when they answer their phone next time. Why not have the best audio experience with Easy Voice Recorder Pro? Enable different recording options and custom bitrates to optimize your recordings. Use volume boost, skip silence parts – all these will provide a seamless journey through our app! You can also import files from other sources so you don’t miss anything when listening back in on those important moments too.

Customize your audio files then

Working with the Easy Voice Recorder Pro’s intuitive and interactive editing interface, Android users can quickly trim their recordings to remove unwanted sections of audio. The app also includes a character counter that allows you to take measures for your recording time or number words said in each conversation segment before saving it onto your device so it’s easy to access later on!

Easy Voice Recorder Pro APK

Multimedia home screen and notification bar widgets

Have you ever wanted to capture your voice digitally but were lazy enough that it took longer than 15 seconds for whatever reason? Well, now there’s an app called Easy Voice Recorder Pro. With this free recording tool on Android users can start their recordings in two different ways: by opening the built-in widget which has all of its features conveniently laid out within reach or from anywhere through notifications where they have even fewer choices when editing sound clips afterward!

Compatible with external hardware

You can now enjoy working with the fully compatible application on many of your external hardware to enable a better experience. Start by using your Bluetooth or cable connection microphone devices for higher quality audio capture, then connect it through an Android Wear device if you want even more convenience!

Fun themes to play with

The Android users are allowed to work with interesting themes, which will enable them a lot more fun with their devices. They can try out Light if they wish visibility during daylight and Dark at night time as well as many other cool features inside this app!

Unlimited access to library recordings

In a world full of complicated apps and cluttered homes, sometimes it’s difficult to find peace. Enter Easy Voice Recorder Pro: an easy-to-use Android app that helps you record all your precious moments in life with just one tap! With this handy tool for voice memo files on an SD card or internal storage plus the ability to recover deleted recordings even when they’re accidentally deleted from the device itself; what more can we ask from our technology?

Share stored recordings online

The best part about recording your voice on the go? You can share it with others. Share through messaging apps or save files to use them like any other audio file you have in a variety of different ways!

Enjoy the unlocked version on our website for free

With the free version of Easy Voice Recorder Pro on our website, you can enjoy many unlocked features. All it takes is for you to download and install a modded app from outside sources to make your records ready!


The Easy Voice Recorder Pro app for Android is a great tool to use when you want to record and edit your voice. You can adjust settings like microphone volume, recording quality (which affects file size), language preferences – all in one place! The sharing options let users share recordings online or save them on the device as an MP3 which would work well with someone else’s phone if they don’t have this software already installed too!



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