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Dumpster MOD APK acts as a recycle bin for your Android device, automatically catching deleted files like photos, videos, and documents. It offers easy restore options, giving you the power to undo accidental deletions and recover precious data.

  • Premium Unlocked


You’ve spent a long time perfecting those holiday photos editing them. Or you’ve just finally finished that important work document. You tap or click and… it’s gone. A sense of panic overwhelms you. We have all been through this, running our fingers through our Android devices, contemplating whether that precious file is somewhere lost in the digital abyss.

But don’t lose hope yet! Dumpster is your angelic protector of Android data, snatching the deleted files before they really vanish. In this guide we will transform you into a power user of Dumpster who can recover any unintended mistakes, explore more features and above all do it safely.

What Is Dumpster and Why Do You Need It?

More Than Just a Recycle Bin

Thinking about Dumpster as an Android recycle bin isn’t wrong though it does much more than keep recently deleted items until you decide to empty it yourself. When some sort of file has been marked for deletion, Dumpster acts like the superhero’s net catching these files right at that moment so that there may be a way back later on. It stores the recoverable versions of:

  • Photos: From random snaps to meticulously edited masterpieces
  • Videos: Remembered small and big moments
  • Audio Files: Voice notes, recorded lectures or your favorite songs
  • Documents: PDFs, spreadsheets or these oh-so-important text files

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Scenarios Beyond Accidental Deletion

Everyone has had moments when they said “whoops” because he/she tapped on the wrong button by accident. However, Dumpster can catch everything but user mistakes:

  • App Malfunction: Did your photo editor ever crash taking your work with it?
  • Storage Problems: If your device’s storage becomes corrupted, files might disappear by mistake.
  • Unexpected Updates: Sometimes updates erase data they should not.

Power User Tip – The Gift of Second Chances

Dumpster is not just about disaster recovery; it offers tremendous flexibility too. Have you ever found yourself throwing something away only to change your mind later on? You may need to go back to an earlier version of a project. Dumpster provides that priceless second chance.

Unveiling Dumpster’s Superpowers

Your Automatic Guardian

Think of the magic of Dumpster’s automatic backup as if it were a silent guardian working in the shadows of your Android device. Don’t worry about saving or tagging anything because when a compatible file is deleted, Dumpster can create a copy for you to retrieve. It brings great peace knowing there’s a secret backup plan lurking somewhere behind.

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Recovery with Precision

Dumpster does not restore blindly but helps you get exactly what you want. Here’s how:

  • Selective Restore: Recover individual files or whole folders’ contents marked for deletion. Do you need just holiday pics? No, more than that.
  • Filter by File Type: Images, documents and others – narrow down search results by specifying file types.
  • Preview Before Recovery: Check if it is really what you want before pressing ‘restore’. No surprises!

Customization: For the Tech-Savvy

Dumpster offers both simplicity and granular control. Advanced users might play around with:

  • Auto-Clean Rules: Get rid of older files without your involvement after defined period of time to save space.
  • Exclusions: This will allow us to exclude some certain types of files as well as folders from being backed up thereby narrowing down storage space used by dumpster on other matters rather than this one.

Going Beyond Recovery: Exploring Dumpster’s Extras

Your Data’s Fortress

Depending on which version you choose, Dumpster has extra layers of security and peace:

  • Passcode or Pattern Lock: Guard the deleted files from prying eyes, especially if you deal with sensitive information on your Android device.
  • Cloud Backup: For a subscription, Dumpster can store your precious recoverable files in the cloud. This acts as an off-device backup, a lifesaver in case of total phone failure.

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Storage Sensei

Apps can take up space, and Dumpster is no exception. Here are tips to balance its benefits with keeping your Android device running smoothly:

  • Monitor Storage: Check how much space Dumpster uses in your device settings.
  • Auto-Clean: Use the auto-clean feature to set a time limit for recoverable files.
  • Focus on the Important: If storage is an issue, consider if you truly need to back up every file type. Tools like CCleaner can help you safely manage your Android device’s storage by removing unnecessary files.

Using Dumpster: Recovering Your Lost Treasures

Navigating the Guardian’s Lair

When you launch Dumpster, you’ll be greeted by a clean and intuitive interface. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Main View: Displays your recoverable files, often organized by type (images, videos, etc.).
  • Sort and Filter: Arrange based on deletion date, file size, and more.
  • Preview: Check files before committing to restore, great for weeding out duplicates or mistakes.
  • Settings: Access those auto-clean features, security options and more.

The Act of Recovery

Recovering deleted files with Dumpster is refreshingly straightforward:

  • Find Your Treasure: Browse or search for the file(s) you need.
  • Preview: Double-check you have the right version.
  • Restore: Tap restore button and choose where to save your file – usually back to its original location .

Pro Tips for Efficient Recovery

  • Act Quickly: The sooner action was taken after deleting them completely , full recovery rate increases .
  • Search Smartly: If there is part of filename that you know use search engine .
  • Sort by Date: Help target correct version if frequently deleting document .


Think back to that sinking feeling of losing an important file. Dumpster is your defense against that panic, a digital safety net for the heart-stopping moments when Android data seems to vanish.

With its automatic protection, easy recovery features, and potential for secure upgrades, Dumpster is the essential tool for peace of mind. Don’t wait for a data disaster! Head over to your download page and get Dumpster today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Dumpster recover files deleted BEFORE I installed it?

Unfortunately, Dumpster can’t go back in time. It protects files from the moment of installation onwards. To attempt recovery of older deleted data, you might need specialized recovery software on a computer.

Will Dumpster slow down my Android phone?

A: Dumpster is designed to be lightweight , nevertheless each app adds up . If you have an older phone or very low storage , it’s wise to use its auto-clean features and regularly check how much space it’s using .

Can I use Dumpster to recover files from my SD card?

It depends! If your Android device treats the SD card like integrated storage, then Dumpster may cover it. The best way to find out is to test with a small unimportant file on your SD card.

I uninstalled Dumpster. Are my recoverable files gone?

In most cases, yes. They are usually tied together such that uninstalling means deleting those recoverable files from Dumpsters’ storage systems.

A Dumpster update deleted my recoverable files! What do I do?

Unfortunately, they may not be recoverable. Occasionally, files storage locations are modified by App Updates. While heavily relying on Dumpster, it is always important to read the update notes and where necessary back up critical information temporarily using its cloud facility.

Is there a free Dumpster APK with cloud backup?

Be very careful about that, hacked APKs have security threats and commonly cannot use features like cloud backup as those need the official app’s confirmation. You can compromise your data.

Dumpster can’t seem to find one file format in particular; what happened?

You could have excluded that file type from Dumpster settings by accident while dumpster was unable to restore it might mean that original file was highly damaged.


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