Dragon City 2 Mod APK 24.3.0 (Unlimited Gold/Food/Diamonds)

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Mar 11, 2024
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Have you ever wished to be the ultimate Dragon Master? Are you ready to discover new adorable breeds or fearsome dragons and care for them on your own floating island? If so, then Dragon City 2 MOD APK is just where you can complete your dream! Here, you can combine your dragons to create new exciting breeds and lead them into beautiful 3D battles against wild encounters and boss fights!

Introducing to Dragon City 2

Having a pet is something that many of us do for fun on a daily basis. But did you ever think you’d have to raise dragons? If you haven’t already, go ahead and do so in Dragon City 2.

Dragon City 2 is a vastly improved version of the previous version. Everything from images to features and content has been improved for users. This is a significant step forward in bringing customers closer to their products. You will embark on an adventure in a simulation world unlike any other, and you will begin your journey to determine your future.

And here are what you will experience in this game:

Build your own dragon empire

Dragon City 2 Mod APK
Dragon City 2 allows you to build your own dragon empire

At the beginning of Dragon City 2, you’ll be transported to a special island where you’ll train your dragons. When you arrive on the island, you will feel as if you have been transported to a special place where there is nothing but dragons. So, your task is to take care of them. And then, you will gradually expand this space from a small island to a dragon empire where you can train your dragons and send them to intense battles.

Breed and complete your dragon collection

Dragon City 2 Mod APK
Collect 100+ dragons

You will undoubtedly be a person who enjoys training dragons and aspires to own the largest empire when you visit Dragon City 2. You will be given dragons with the necessary systems to train them right away, such as fire, earth, water, and so on. Then, if you want more dragon species of various types, you must combine the existing dragons to create a new dragon. To expand your Dragon City, you can breed and collect over 100 awesome dragons!

Go on an adventurous journey with unlimited missions

In Dragon City 2, there are many different mysterious islands, and visiting them is fun, so take your time and explore them all. You will learn how to dominate the worlds of dragons over the course of the long journey, so keep competing for all the missions and goals to earn new powerful prizes, which will eventually lead to the rise of your island’s empire.

Take part in thrilling dragon battles
Dragon City 2 Mod APK

You can form teams and recruit warriors in Dragon City 2 to fight against other players online. You must rely solely on yourself in battle because you are the only one who can choose the element for the next attack. Draw up a battle strategy and plan competently. Remember that there are powerful lizards on the team with a high level. Examine the enemy thoroughly and concentrate your attacks on his weak spots.

Why is Dragon City 2 MOD APK required?

As you may be aware, the original game presents us with a system in which many of the best ones must be obtained by completing various objectives or, on the contrary, by taking the quick route, which entails purchasing objects with real money. That is not the case with the Dragon City 2 MOD, which allows us to play on a private server with unlimited resources.

This means we won’t be playing on official servers, but rather on private servers that don’t belong to the game’s developers, ensuring that whatever we get here has no bearing on the original game. The following are the main features and functions that this MOD will provide:

  • Unlimited food, gold and diamonds.
  • All dragons unlocked
  • All battlefields unlocked
  • Unlimited resources to build your dragon empire


Raise dragons, breed dragons, hatch dragons, collect, form a team of dragon warriors to fight in battles all over the world, and construct a massive Dragon Island in the clouds… All of these exciting features are only available in Dragon City 2 MOD APK. Download it right now at TechToDown and enjoy your free time


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