Door Kickers: Action Squad MOD APK v1.2.4 (All Unlocked)

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Apr 2, 2020
Mar 16, 2024
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Download the action game Door Kickers: Action Squad MOD APK and take part in hostage rescue operations as a real SWAT soldier. Are you prepared to join the special forces in order to rescue hostages held by terrorists? The game promises to provide players with the most pleasurable and relaxing moments.

Door Kickers: Action Squad – Special forces soldiers rescue hostages

Because of its appealing and dramatic material at each level of play, action games are the genre that draws the most players. To fulfill the tastes of players, KillHouse Games – a renowned brand in the world of video game development for phones and computers – published the Door Kickers: Action Squad APK game for Android phones in 2017. The game immediately rose to the top of the list of the 100 best action games worth playing. Its initial operational location was in Nowhere City. You were brought here as a SWAT trooper to prevent it from spreading further. Your talent and bravery will influence the fate of the nation in the next few days.


Dramatic face-to-face confrontation

When the American special forces soldier must attack the terrorist group directly to rescue the captives and sweep their whole lair, Door Kickers: Action Squad is developed with fascinating material. You will be changed into the role of a special forces soldier in the game, complete with weapons and professional combat skills. When the game content is appealing throughout each level, it is impossible to deny that Door Kickers: Action Squad has a strong appeal. When terrorists regularly abduct hostages and utilize sophisticated weaponry to combat those who disrupt their goals, the mission of ensuring order and security of special forces soldiers becomes more essential and tough. To successfully infiltrate the bad guys’ base and carry out a successful hostage rescue mission, the character you embody must cooperate well with your teammates and be a truly brave and skilled person.


The diverse combat weapon system

It would be irresponsible if the publishers of the shooter action game did not pay attention to the weapon part. So, the big KillHouse Games has designed an awesome Door Kickers: Action Squad with a variety of weapon systems in order to draw players from the first screen. To begin, the special forces man will be equipped with armor and a gun. Players must go through the stages to obtain a selection of firearms with special capabilities that will augment the character’s weaponry. Furthermore, explosives are required for the character soldier to destroy the terrorists with a single blast.


Door Kickers: Action Squad boasts a large arsenal of weapons. You may purchase them and equip your SWAT team to improve battle effectiveness. However, not doing a lot of damage will give you an advantage. The shotgun is a tremendously strong weapon that can kill enemies with a single shot, although it is only useful at close range. SMGs are more specialized, with minimal recoil and medium-range shooting, making them ideal for striking targets from a greater distance. In addition, bombs are required. You can use a blind bomb to confuse your opponents, then kill them before they know what’s going on.

Finish supreme mission

Breaking into the terrorists’ strongholds and rescuing the captives is not an easy assignment for you and your team. You will be handed a flashlight to light up dark sections and move-in locations where there is no electromagnetic light. Action Squad: Door Kickers You will not have to battle alone since your teammates will constantly be waiting for your orders and actions; you will control and guide your squad. Because all activities in the game are crucial, you must pay close attention when directing your colleagues; one wrong move will cause the team to lose. Many dangers lurking everywhere await you ahead; you must conquer all of them and either rescue hostages or destroy all of them in order to finish the mission.


Impressive graphics and gameplay

The criminals not only have the advantage of their bases and whereabouts, but they also have tiny to heavy weaponry to resist furiously, so please move and attack with caution and use the greatest support tools available to you. Your colleagues will also be a valuable resource to you, allowing you to control them by moving them in the direction you choose. When the opponents get stronger in the future, dexterity and clever movement will not be enough; you must update your equipment and weapons for yourself and your teammates in the squad to have the best dark power and be easy to overcome. The graphics of Door Kickers: Action Squad are retro 2D with a focus on classic characters and details.

Why do we need Door Kickers Action Squad Mod APK?

MOD features

  • Unlocked character
  • Unlocked weapon
  • Unlimited Ammo/ Stars
  • No Ads

Final Words

Door Kickers: Action Squad will quickly exceed your expectations to prove something, a visually appealing game with vivid 3D graphics. It focuses on gameplay and the ability to construct tactics in order to provide a better experience for gamers.


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