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Nov 17, 2016
Feb 21, 2024
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Continuing the series of titles on the zombie fighting genre, we will introduce to you Dead Warfare Mod Apk. Dead Warfare is a well-known zombie shooter with complex and detailed graphics. In this survival FPS game, you will protect your territory, kill zombies, and battle alongside other survivors. In the game, the bosses and zombies have distinct personalities and skills, so continue reading to learn more about this zombie fighting game.

What is about Dead Warfare Mod Apk?

Dead Warfare is an action game with a seemingly appealing shooting style that is created by VNG game studios. This game is set in a fantasy world infected with Zombies in 2072 with cutting-edge graphics and engaging gameplay.


You are lucky to become one of the few survivors, and your main task is to fight against zombies to not be eaten or robbed by other players. Use your weapons and start your thorny path, you will find the survivors and join them, create alliances, and get acquainted with new friends. Explore and find supplies and valuable resources that will help you survive.

Simple gameplay

In Dead Warfare, you will use the gun during combat with a simple gameplay. You will need to aim precisely in order to defeat the objective. During the battle, you can split into a variety of shooting positions. With a single lead bullet, the head is the finest place to take out an attacker. It will consume a large number of bullets if fired at different regions of the body, and the opponent will be killed for a longer period of time.

DEAD WARFARE Mod Apk Download

You’ll also have to deal with bosses with massive bodies. This is the horror you’ve had to deal with. They have a powerful attack and a long-lasting defense. You and your teammates need to be careful of these zombies

Many different battles

In this game, you will have several battles to participate.  In other words, these are the game types available in Dead Warfare. The levels began in a difficult-to-difficult mode. To progress to the next chapter, you will need to complete each level. The most unique aspect in Dead Warfare is in Survival, Arena mode. To unlock these two modes, you must first complete the game screen in campaign mode.

DEAD WARFARE Mod Apk Download Free

Upgrade characters

Beside tactics, weapons are a critical component of the battle process. Dead Warfare provides a diversified weapon system that is developed, with 3D visuals that give you a highly genuine sense. Furthermore, the character is well formed, with both males and women to choose from. Each character, however, can only utilize particular sorts of guns. You can also upgrade them to improve their fighting prowess. Upgrade your health to boost your capacity to survive for longer periods of time, and your defense to raise your stamina.

Upgrade weapons

Weapons are the element that does direct damage to the enemy, you can upgrade them. There are numerous gun upgrade stats in Dead Warfare. You need to consider to damage, speed, stability, reload time, and ammo quantity.


Each stat has a significant impact on the character’s overall strength. Your enemy is a full-fledged army zombie with a ruthless and aggressive attitude. As soon as they detect the scent of blood, they will attack you. In addition, you can participate in a PvP mode. You will be able to demonstrate your fighting abilities here. Win each arena and your name will appear on the leaderboard.

What is special feature in Dead Warfare Mod Apk

When you download this mod apk of Dead Warfare from our website, you enjoy this game with many some awesome Mod features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Ammo and Health
  • Unlimited Gold

These features will help you unlock new weapons, armor, and extra items like grenades without paying anything. You need to shoot the zombies, save the survivors and develop your squad. You will need to buy many items to have the power to fight against zombies if you download this game from Google Play. So, we highly recommend Dead Warfare Mod Apk for you to have full experience in this game with many useful features.

FAQs about Dead Warfare Mod Apk

Why are the levels/lives in this game slow to update?

Because this game has so many players playing at the same time, the server processes data slowly. So, updating your level/lives will be slow down or send your wrong level information. So kindly wait a few minutes and check your levels again.

How to invite my friends to enjoy Dead Warfare with me?

To invite your friends, you will need to sync app with your contacts or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Fight against scary zombies in Dead Warfare Mod Apk. You can choose to play in PvP mode and compete against players from all over the world. You will join stealing everything from hostile bases, saving other existences and coexisting in this chaotic universe.


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