Dangerous Fellows MOD APK 1.28.4 (Unlimited Gems, No Ads)

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Oct 30, 2018
Feb 7, 2024
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MOD Info?

The Dangerous Fellows MOD APK elevates the base game by offering a wealth of premium features, completely transforming your gameplay experience. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what makes this MOD exceptional:

  • Unlimited Money and Gems
  • All Story Chapters Unlocked
  • Premium Choices Unlocked
  • Maxed Out Affection Levels
  • No Ads


Ready for a romantic and heart-stopping adventure where love intertwines with danger? Imagine a world thrown into chaos by a sudden zombie outbreak. Just as all hope seems lost, five mysterious strangers emerge and offer you a sliver of salvation. Welcome to the captivating otome game Dangerous Fellows, where survival, mystery, and love take center stage in ways you’ve never seen before.

Dangerous Fellows is not your typical dating simulator. In this visual novel, you shape the storyline and your relationships with the cast of fascinating characters through your own choices. Each decision holds enormous weight in this distinct world as you travel alongside the five attractive survivors in their perilous quest to escape the zombie-infested landscape. Will your choices lead to uncovering the truth, finding friendship, or perhaps even romance?

What sets Dangerous Fellows MOD APK?

What sets Dangerous Fellows apart?

While otome games often deliver enchanting tales of love and personal growth, Dangerous Fellows adds an exhilarating twist — a zombie apocalypse! This unique setting infuses each moment of gameplay with both urgency and unexpected peril. The ever-looming sense of danger means there’s never a dull moment nor any guarantee that everyone will make it out alive.

Choices That Matter

The choices players make in Dangerous Fellows aren’t just about who they would like to pursue romantically; they actively alter their stories and relationships with all other characters in the game. As such, every decision made can unlock hidden interactions while influencing plotlines that reshape character dynamics. The level of agency granted to players in making decisions creates an immersive experience that deepens emotional investment.

Multiple Endings

There is no “good ending” or “bad ending” here — only consequences for actions taken throughout gameplay. The paths players choose ultimately mold their relationships with others which then shape alternative outcomes based on those interactions alone. Thanks to these intricacies there are plenty of reasons to revisit Dangerous Fellows time after time, each journey offering something new to experience.

Meet the Captivating Characters of Dangerous Fellows

  • Lawrence: Stoic and protective, Lawrence is a natural leader with a hardened exterior that hides a compassionate heart. His enigmatic past and unwavering determination make him a figure shrouded in mystery.
  • Ethan: Gentle and kind, Ethan is the group’s soft spoken voice of reason. While he may seem meek at first glance, his surprising inner strength proves he will do whatever it takes to keep those he cares about safe.
  • Harry: Charismatic and flirtatious, Harry brings a playful nature into the mix when things get too heavy. But don’t let his lightheartedness fool you — behind his smooth persona is a razor-sharp mind ready to take on any challenge.
  • Eugene: Intelligent and analytical, Eugene approaches their dire situation from a perspective of logic and strategy. Though stern on the outside, there are glimpses of warmth seen in his interactions indicating loyalty underneath.
  • Zion: Fiery and independent, Zion refuses to be just another victim in this hellish world. His sharp tongue matches his wit as both serve as tools for survival after years of being trapped by trauma.

Looking for a different kind of adventure in the otome game genre? If the exciting world of Dangerous Fellows piques your interest but you crave a touch more supernatural flair, then you might also enjoy Psychic Idle. This mobile game combines elements of romance, character development, and thrilling battles against fantastical creatures. In Psychic Idle, you’ll cultivate your psychic abilities, build relationships with intriguing characters, and fight to protect humanity from a supernatural threat. It’s a great choice for players who want to explore a unique blend of romance and the supernatural.

Dangerous Fellows MOD APK GAME PLAY

Hint at Backstories

Each character arrived at the school with their own personal baggage which they’ll slowly open up about as trust between you grows. Whether it be experiences or tragedies that shaped them or their connection to the outbreak itself, these stories add even more depth to your interactions while making every decision feel so much more impactful.

Is Dangerous Fellows Right for You?

Dangerous Fellows is the perfect game to match, if you:

  • Enjoy Otome/Visual Novels: If you’re a fan of story-driven games with loads of romance options and crazy narratives, then this is the game for you.
  • Like A Bit Of Mystery: The zombie apocalypse side of things adds an element of suspense and a thrill that’s hard to find in your average otome game.
  • Want Your Choices To Matter: For those who feel like their decisions should have some weight to them, there’s nothing better than making a choice that defines your experience and has real consequences throughout the game.

Possible Issues

It’s worth pointing out that with zombies comes blood and gore. This could make the game too spooky for young kids or those who are easily frightened. Also, the freemium model might slow down people who don’t want to spend real money in the app store trying to get ahead.

Final Verdict

But if none of those potential issues scare you away from giving it a shot, Dangerous Fellows offers a romantic adventure with plenty of action between its terrifying plotlines.


If you’re tired of cookie-cutter otomes , give Dangerous Fellows a try. Its unparalleled blend of romance, suspense and meaningful choices creates an adventure through humanity on the edge of collapse. Will you be able to discover how all these people got turned into zombies? Who knows! But stop waiting around and go download Dangerous Fellows now! And once it’s installed head over to Techtodown.net for more info on Secrets: Game of Choices such as guides and walkthroughs!


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