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Where music, visuals, and gameplay all collude in an ever moving rhythm. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything like Cytus II its innovative mechanics and diverse soundtrack are a treat for the senses. The game challenges players to experience something new, rather than simply jam to some tunes.


Dive into the Rhythm with Cytus II‘s Immersive Gameplay

Unleash Your Inner Rhythm: The Active Judgement Line

The size of your screen does not matter here. A pulsating line that can’t seem to keep still dances across it constantly. Tap, hold or drag; you have to sync your actions perfectly with this line in order to progress. Unlike other traditional games of this genre where everything is static, Cytus II’s method demands sharp timing and coordination.

A Challenge for All: Difficulty Levels and Accessibility

Whether you’re fresh off the turntables or don’t even know where they are, Cytus II will guide you through a session.  With beginner-friendly charts on one side and notes that only the most skilled would spot on the other, there is something here for everybody – not just people who’ve been doing this their whole life.

Immersion Through Design: Visual Feedback and Flow

No matter how much help you need from a screen popping out at you when it comes to rhythm games; this new design really sets it apart from others on the market. Each successful note hit pumps out a burst of visual feedback so you know that what you just did was right. The future is sleek and futuristic when it comes to these animations too.


A Symphony of Styles – Explore Cytus II‘s Diverse Soundtrack

A Musical Tapestry: Embracing Diverse Genres

Cytus II has always prided itself on having a huge lineup of musicians and genres. From the beat heavy electronic music to calming classical compositions, you’re going to have a little taste of everything here. While there are still the traditional pop songs and experimental tracks that we were expecting, this version also pays homage to older Asian musical styles.

Behind the Music: Renowned Composers and Artists

The composers that worked on Cytus II came together from all over the world. They brought their unique styles and skills with them when they arrived though; making it so no two songs sound the same. Any instrumental combination or production style you imagined is probably in this game somewhere.

More Than Just Rhythm: Music Intertwined with Story

  • Don’t just think of these 100s of tracks as background noise. Each one plays an integral role in building up this world’s lore and narrative. If you listen close enough you might even catch some clues hidden in the lyrics about what exactly is going on here
  • Cytus II is set in an incredible virtual world – a neon-filled metropolis. A combination of cyberpunk and sci-fi, the city boasts skyscrapers larger than life and incredibly busy streets. People flit about in both real and digital spaces as a reminder that the game isn’t always what it seems.
  • The characters within Cytus II are its strongest element. Each character has their own story, motivations, and relationships. You get to learn more about them through different narratives that eventually merge into one tale for the ages. These stories reveal plot twists, emotional lows, and clues to the mysteries surrounding Cytus.

Play Beyond What You See

Despite being marketed as a rhythm game, Cytus II offers so much more. The game touches on themes such as identity, memory loss, how technology affects society and even how one could distinguish reality from a virtual environment. These themes add another layer of depth to gameplay.


Why You Need to Play Cytus II If You Love Rhythm Games

It Challenges the Norm

Cytus II stands out among other rhythm games because it doesn’t follow any rules or guidelines set before it; it sets them for itself. Its Active Judgement Line mechanic (AJL) takes rhythm gaming up several notches with its innovative approach to music-based gameplay.

Tons of Variety

The developers didn’t skimp on variety when they created this game’s soundtrack; each song is unique. It’s hard to get bored when there are endless songs you haven’t heard yet waiting to be unlocked.

Critically Acclaimed

This game has been praised by critics all over the world – no small feat. They’ve had nothing but good things to say about its beautiful art style and addictive gameplay mechanics. If applicable, throw in some awards the game has won too!

A Community That Never Sleeps

There’s never a shortage of activity within the Cytus II community. Players share their high scores, make art, discuss theories and push each other to become better players. It’s a fun way to pass the time while feeling like you’re part of something bigger.

If you enjoy the dynamic gameplay and immersive storytelling of Cytus II, you might also find yourself captivated by Arcaea, another innovative rhythm game with stunning visuals and a compelling narrative. Explore Arcaea’s unique world and challenge yourself with its intricate, three-dimensional note patterns.



The world of Cytus II is waiting for you to break the seal on its new music, rhythm and story blend. This game offers an experience so unique that it transcends most genres out there but does wonders for fans of rhythm games too. So what are you waiting for? Journey through its immersive world and prepare yourself for the future of gaming!


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