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Jun 14, 2021
Jan 26, 2024
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Cyberpunk Hero MOD APK is a shooting action role-playing game set in a futuristic setting. You will be stunned by the 3D visuals and spectacular effects, as well as the numerous changes and upgrades available for superheroes. Now is your chance to take on the role of a robot and battle to the death of all of the robots, from the tiniest to the colossal Boss.

Cyberpunk Hero – Modern shooter on Android

Mobile games are improving in many ways these days, particularly in terms of visuals. Pixel or two-dimensional picture styles are gradually being changed to three-dimensional and beyond..

Furthermore, many publishers do not hesitate to include current concepts that combine technology into games in the context of global digitalization. Azur Interactive Games Limited, with its latest release, Cyberpunk Hero, is one of them.


This game takes place in the future when the earth is populated by conscious robotic robots. Because technological criminals are increasingly spreading everywhere, humans are no longer the strongest. Cyberpunk Hero creates stunning action scenes with brilliant effects, dramatic colors, and more against this setting. As a result, many mobile gamers are presently enamored with it, and it is likely to boom in the near future.

A hunter in Night City

Your battleground is the night city, which is home to hidden bases, underground gangs, gangsters, and other criminals. In Cyberpunk Hero, the player faces robotic devices that are commanded by gang bosses.


They reward the machines that annihilate everyone who tries to stop them from carrying out their illicit operations. Except for the fiercest hunters, no one ventured to approach the Night City. You are the hunting heroes who have been selected. Prepare to engage the never-ending fight with firearms, ammo, and modern combat technology. The game screen will be passed from player to player, from simple to challenging. They will come face to face with technological robots ranging in size from little to huge. To advance to the next level, you must first complete the previous level by defeating all enemies. You will perish on the battlefield if you do not, and the robots will get bonuses from their owners.


While attacking, move around

Your battles in Cyberpunk Hero will carry on indefinitely unless you lose. Each level’s purpose is to eliminate all foes, gather bonuses, and advance to the next. Each level’s enemies will grow in number and strength. They may start off as little robots that simply remain stationary. However, the player may come across bigger robots that are capable of holding weapons and moving to avoid strikes. To deal with them, players must move quickly and flexibly in order to stay safe in any situation. However, you just need to swipe across the screen with one finger to move the figure up, down, left, or right. The character will automatically attack the closest enemy, however, focusing on one target will result in the most damage. Every time an adversary dies, you’ll get a little extra money. At the conclusion of the level, you will have them all.

Improve your skills

Your character in Cyberpunk Hero will change as you progress through each level by upgrading things. However, players can customize the character’s ability to improve based on their preferences. Upgrade your maximum HP, Attack, or Skill, for example. In addition, your shop sells a variety of skins, weapons, and other goods. As a result, gamers may test on fancy armor and advanced weapons before heading into battle.


System of character

Cyberpunk Hero currently only includes two main characters, a male and a female. These characters differ in terms of talents, attack stats, defense, the ability to combine weapons, equipment, and things, and so on. Furthermore, the fighting effects of the two characters differ. As a result, you may switch between characters to experience the varied action in this addictive combat game.

High quality of 3D visuals

Cyberpunk Hero was able to successfully reproduce the battlefield in the future because of the high quality of 3D visuals. Advanced weaponry like robots, rocket guns, shotguns, technological armor, and other advanced weapons are depicted in the game. They are presented in a great and realistic manner, contributing to a sense of freshness. Furthermore, the character’s movement is exceedingly smooth, with practically no lag while controlling. With energetic, dramatic background music, the game’s sound is also pretty impressive.


Cyberpunk Hero MOD APK latest version

MOD features

  • Unlimited money (exchange with gems, buy from the shop).
  • One hit.

Although Cyberpunk Hero MOD APK is new, it offers a lot of content in terms of gameplay, graphics, and controls. Furthermore, the levels and upgrading system are incredibly varied, allowing players to try out difficult levels with a variety of vicious robot adversaries.


Cyberpunk Hero MOD APK is a modern role-playing game with a lot of cool features that anyone can play on their phone at any time. Begin your fight to rid the city of criminals right now. Are you ready to become a bounty hunter?


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