Cut the Rope: Magic Mod Apk 1.24.1 (Unlimited Crystals, Hints)

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Dec 16, 2015
Aug 23, 2023
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Yes, it’s Om Nom, and he’s hungrier than ever! Cut the Rope: Magic MOD APK takes our little green creature on a new adventure. This time, you’ll need to use a variety of spells and tricks to transform Om Nom so that he can reclaim all of the stolen sweets. With 100 different levels, five transformations, and a variety of final bosses, it’s easy to lose track of time playing this delightful game.

Introducing to Cut the Rope: Magic


Cut the Rope: Magic is the fifth game in the popular Cut the Rope franchise, which was created by Zeptolab. It’s become one of the most popular Android games, with over 700 million downloads across all platforms. Follow us to know why this game has such overwhelming popularity.

Beautiful graphics

Cut the Rope: Magic‘s beautiful graphics are undoubtedly the first thing that will entice you to play it. With a highly refined character design, incredibly smooth animations, and fantastic use of color, Magic raises the bar even higher than the previous installments.

Simple controls

Because of its controls, Cut the Rope: Magic is an extremely simple puzzle game. These allow you to cut ropes, blow bellows, and perform a variety of other tasks with intuitive taps and swipes. Oh, and transforming into animals, of course – each of which is introduced with a helpful tutorial. Pulling up the menus is similarly simple, allowing you to find information – such as how many stars you have earned out of three in a level – in an instant.

New concept of gameplay


The gameplay is similar to that of previous installments. However, there is a new concept this time: magic. You can change Om Nom into various animals (birds, fish, mice, and so on) by pressing a button, each of which has its own unique skill. Om Nom, the bird, can float in the breeze. Om Nom the baby shrinks to become a featherweight. Om Nom is a fish that can dive into the water. Mouse Om Nom is the cutest of them all, as he makes a beeline for the candy he craves (after it morphs into a delicious hunk of cheese).

160+ levels to challenge yourself

The puzzle game is divided into chapters, each of which contains a number of challenges. The game does an excellent job of balancing easy and difficult challenges, so you never feel unchallenged. The addition of a Boss villain after every five levels raises the difficulty level, but the boss isn’t too difficult to defeat, and with practice, you can easily overcome the challenge posed.

Why we need Cut the Rope: Magic MOD APK?

This puzzle game has a good hint system that allows you to find your way out of a difficult level without becoming stuck. However, hints can only be purchased with crystals. And it’s true that you can either buy crystals or earn them by winning as many stars (up to three per round) as you can. Because there are only so many stars you can earn, it is critical that you only use hints when absolutely necessary if you don’t want to get stuck on the harder levels.


Stop struggling! Cut the Rope: Magic MOD APK is now available at TechToDown, allowing to enjoy the game to its fullest without having to put on so much time and effort. By installing this MOD, you can get access to the following advantages:

  • Unlimited Crystals
  • Unlimited hints
  • No ads


In conclusion, Cut the Rope: Magic MOD APK is an addictive and engaging puzzle game that you can take advantage to challenge your mind. With multiple gaming levels, enjoyable gameplay, and stunning graphics, this game is an excellent choice for passing the time in a fun way!


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