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Jan 5, 2024
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Curvy Punch 3D MOD APK is a crazy action game in which we will have to stretch out our arms far and wide like Mr. Fantastic in order to tackle our opponents. Its gameplay is similar to those of boxing video games. As a gladiator, your goal is to win by defeating every opponent in the arena in order to claim victory. But contrary to what you might imagine, the game solely features simulated and enjoyable activities.

What is great about Curvy Punch 3D?

Curvy Punch 3D is a fantastic game for anyone looking for an easy-to-play action and skill game. Get ready for the craziest fight of your life by strapping on your boxing gloves! You will face off against another boxer in thrilling one-on-one fights in Curvy Punch 3D. However, there is a catch: your arms can lengthen, curl, and twist! To deliver the ideal haymaker, aim your fists around and through obstructions. Just take care, as they are capable of doing the same. Do you want to be surprised by a twisting blow coming from behind that wall?

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To win a game, we must either eliminate all of our opponent’s life points or knock him off one of the cliffs on the screen. You only need to roam around the arena and touch the screen to punch from any location on the playing field to do this.

However, you’ll need to maneuver around or destroy any obstacles if they are in your path. Advantageously utilize your surroundings! You may punch through things to create unexpected angles of attack by smashing boxes thanks to the sophisticated physics system. Take on a large number of opponents in a variety of arenas, each having a unique layout and set up of obstacles that you must maneuver around in order to strike your punches.

Our character’s strength, life, and flexibility can all be enhanced by using our gains between games. As we move on and the challenge rises, this will become increasingly crucial.

Apart from that, the 3D graphics are basic and there isn’t much music, but the ability to stretch out like Mr. Fantastic and punch from a distance is extremely neat. So, go ahead and download the APK file!

How to play Curvy Punch 3D?

You only need to swipe on the screen to initiate an assault at the beginning of the match. For a head-on punch, swipe directly forward; for an arc punch, swipe left or right.

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Because the character’s arms are so extended, you don’t need to approach the foe closely. If the opponent doesn’t move to avoid your punch, it will land directly in his place and hurt him. Additionally, he has a limited supply of health, just like you. You win when it runs out of energy.

You can use stationary obstacles as a defense position when you come across them; just move closer to prevent the adversary from attacking. Then you dominate by throwing quick round punches.

Why download the Curvy Punch 3D MOD APK?

As you may know, there are three different stats you can increase in-game:

  • Strength: This stat obviously affects how powerful each of your blows will be. Your strikes will grow harder as your strength increases.
  • Health: As to be assumed, your physical condition will determine how durable your boxer is. Your character will pass out in a matter of light taps without any health upgrades. So, in order to survive longer, always maintain a good health stat.
  • Stretch: Last but not least, your punching range is directly correlated with your stretch stat. How far can one punch travel? If you want to hit your opponents before they ever get close to you, keep this stat high.

As usual, you have to use the coins you earn to further improve on the stats of your boxer. This means that you have to win again and again. But this is not the case if

you make use of the Curvy Punch 3D MOD APK which gives you Unlimited Money. As such you can free upgrade all these stats at no cost. Is that your goal?

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No ads



So you have found it: a simple yet entertained game. Curvy Punch 3D MOD APK will make you feel relaxed for hours, with just a few swipes and touches on the screen. Download the game for free at TechToDown and enjoy your time.


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