Creative Destruction MOD APK 2.0.5761 (Unlimited Money)

NetEase Games
March 15, 2024
4.1 and up
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Creative Destruction MOD APK was developed by NetEase Games as an appealing survival game that you do not ignore. It is available for free download at Are you ready to join a unique shooter with intense shooting scenes?

Brief about Creative Destruction APK

The Battle Royale game series – the mortal arena – is combined with the classic sandbox-style in Creative Destruction. Players will be placed into a huge 44-square-foot arena with 13 distinct locations, just like in other survival games on the market today. On a map with 100 opponents, you will shoot, battle, and become the last survivor. Along with the intense shooting screen, remember to look for equipment, kinds of stuff, and run to keep the excitement going in this game. Remember that in this survival battle, there will be no tolerance; all of your opponents will be willing to eliminate you in order to be the final survivor. When you join Creative Destruction, you will be a lone wolf who must defeat all 99 other players. Furthermore, the game’s control mechanism is meant to be reasonably intuitive and colorful, promising to provide players with the most basic control.

Creative Destruction Mod Apk

Secure zone

Rather than providing a safe haven like other survival games, Creative Destruction uses massive snowstorms to draw players closer together over a certain length of time. You must manage your character to move to a secure place as fast as possible if you want to live. Of course, you will not be completely destroyed by the snowfall in the game. However, the character’s health will continue to dwindle. This indicates that you will be at risk of dying as a result of a snowstorm. And the terror of being confronted by other opponents if you do not reach the safe zone in time. Creative Destruction is unique in that it provides players with several options for movement. It will assist you in reaching a secure location faster than your competition. The car system, on the other hand, maybe viewed as a double-edged blade that forces you to expose your position. As a result, pay attention to your surroundings to devise the optimal survival strategy for each circumstance.

Creative Destruction Mod Apk Free

Unique buildings are being built

Because this is not a typical shooting game; you do not have to be overly aggressive in your quest for enemy bases. Creative Destruction emphasizes survival by encouraging players to construct strongholds to protect themselves, which they may do by repurposing gathered resources. However, in Creative Destruction, these items are merely temporary remedies, and they cannot ensure your safety during the fight. Only your survival instinct, agile movement, and superior weapon abilities will allow you to make it to the finish line. Aside from that, you will need a bit more luck.

Realistic and attractive 3D graphics

Creative Destruction is the polar opposite of most other survival games on the market, which use gloomy hues to depict the brutal survival battlefield. This game features a 3D graphics style with vibrant tones that promise to provide you with entertaining and appealing moments. You may play Creative Destruction on any device, from low to high setup, thanks to the simplified graphics quality.

System of weapons

Creative Destruction provides you with a vast array of weaponry, each with its own unique design and features. During the game, players will be able to utilize familiar firearms like the M416, AK47, AWM, Froza, and others, as well as deadly pistols like the S1897.

Creative Destruction Mod Apk Download free

Creative Destruction MOD APK version for Android

Increase your rank to get more weapons

One of the nicest aspects of this MOD version is that you can use it to level up, purchase new weapons, armor, and other stuff without having to pay any money. A tutorial is included in Creative Destruction Mod APK to walk you through the various processes. Furthermore, we will provide you with all of the necessary information on the in-game currency so that you may exchange it for real money. If you want to buy the latest weapons, armor, and equipment, we will provide you with all of the necessary information.

Mod features

  • Aimbot.
  • Headshot.
  • Mod speed.
  • Unlimited money
  • Look through the wall
  • Detect enemy location.


Despite the fact that the game was just recently released, Creative Destruction has swiftly surpassed 10 million installations on Google Play. It is clear that the popularity of survival games has not waned in 2020. Creative Destruction will undoubtedly be a wonderful pick if you enjoy survival games with innovative gameplay features.


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