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Counter Knights MOD APK is a dynamic action RPG with stylish graphics. The player will take control of a brave knight who raids territories inhabited by monsters and demonic creatures on a regular basis. During battles, the user must press the attack and defense keys, as well as deliver a powerful blow to deal more damage to enemies. As a result, the hero will be able to deal with waves of enemies while earning coins and other rewards. Battle funds can be spent on improvements, new equipment, and assistants who will accompany the protagonist.

What to know about Counter Knights?

The game is based on ancient European battles and legends. In the game, we will see the knight with a mirror bar and simple armor bravely crossing the road throughout the map to perform tasks according to each station—the horseman on a journey to destroy the monsters and goblins from the West. Furthermore, we can see the appearance of the person who assigns crab missions to the Empires, from which the horseman can find his way to rescue the Western kingdom.


Easy to understand but hard to play gameplay

Counter Knights has been simplified in order for players to be more easily manipulated. The game’s two basic buttons are to support and attack. It’s easy, but it’s up to the player to get it right. When the Goblins attack the horsemen, press the abstinence button on the left side of the screen to prevent goblin darts from injuring the character. The goblin will no longer have weapons after the attack is completed. At this point, the player must press the attack button in the bottom right corner of the screen to launch another attack and destroy the enemy. Players must be able to observe delicately when surrounded by monsters in order to complete the game.

A slew of formidable opponents

Counter Knights‘ hardcore is primarily comprised of a large number of monsters as well as massive and extremely dangerous bosses. Furthermore, bosses have their own distinct attack patterns. To win, you must first analyze and understand their weaknesses. So, how do they know their weaknesses when they are only playing for the first time? The answer is extremely simple: play it several times and see for yourself. Do not be too disheartened if you are “eaten” or obsess over the game, because this happens to every player. It is critical that you learn from your mistakes, no matter how quickly or slowly you do so.

Immediately hit the monster after upgrading the character

The world map of the game contains numerous challenges that players must overcome. Each level of play increases the number and power of goblins, so players will almost certainly need to upgrade their horsemen in order to fight the villains. Players can upgrade their blood, which appears above the screen during combat, as well as their armor, which allows them to increase their defenses. Not only can players have to equip different weapons to increase the great damage to the enemy when they combine, but they can also have to equip different weapons to increase the great damage to the enemy when they combine.


Download the latest version of Counter Knight MOD APK of TechToDown

As you can see, Counter Knights with simple graphics focus on how the player feels, leading them to new worlds and new challenges. This game has a lot of positive feedback, so it’s worth a shot. Even better, Counter Knight MOD APK is now available for free on TechToDown, allowing you to fully enjoy the game.

And here are what the MOD has to offer:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Demonic Stone (never decrease)
  • Unlimited Sacred Censer*

NOTE: You can use money and scared censer even when you don’t have enough of them.



Exciting boss battles, a massive amount of in-game content, a wide range of epic items and weapons, and fun and simple gameplay. Everything is about Counter Knights MOD APK. Download the game right now and see for yourself.



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