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Feb 20, 2024
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Count Masters Mod APK is a fun action game developed by Freeplay for mobile devices. With the goal of assembling an army of stickmen on his path, the player will use the crowd’s might to crush the opponent. Continue clearing the path to your target and collecting riches scattered about; you will not be alone in Count Masters Mod APK.

Count Masters – Stick people is a fun action game

Count Masters for Android is a not-so-novel operating system, but it does have some innovative and interesting features. The player’s goal is to construct a powerful army, destroy opponents, and avoid the game’s lethal pointed obstacles. The beginning idea is typically basic, but do not let that fool you; the complexity will rise with time, and you will have to overcome challenging obstacles if you want to succeed.

Count Masters MOD APK Download

Perilous obstacles

We must avoid striking the road barriers while moving. Your forces will be consumed, and a total victory will be tough to achieve. Chainsaws, spikes, crushers, walls, and adversaries can all be used as obstacles. Because you cannot prevent it, the opponent will be the most dangerous obstacle. You can rapidly avoid the rest of them to keep your number. If you cannot skip the meeting entirely, attempt to keep it to a minimum. To prevent poor outcomes on harder levels, you must respond swiftly. The more you practice, the more proficient you will become.

Move as far as possible

In Count Masters, when you encounter an obstacle, move as far as you can. That is how you can both overcome it, and be able to preserve as many of your troops as possible. Unless there is a clear gap in the road that you have no way to face, squeeze as close to the left or right as possible so that at least a minimal number of troops is still alive.

Count Masters MOD APK

Upgrade as quickly as possible

This is something you should nearly always remember when playing Count Masters. You should upgrade whenever you have money to spare. Upgrades allow you to recruit more troops and earn money. Spend equally on both; the more troops you have, the simpler it will be to win and earn more money, allowing you to continue upgrading to higher levels. Especially if you use our Count Masters, you will have an endless supply of money to make the changes you want. This is an extremely helpful and significant new feature that will assist players in achieving their goals in this game.

Have to put up a fight!

Skirmishes are nearly hard to avoid when your troops are already rather large. The combat will begin if any unit enters the red circle. Even if there are only a few people left, you can sometimes get it through, but it may also be exceedingly tough. To win the game Count Masters, you must adjust your plan, beat the adversaries, and finish the task.

Count Masters game

What is special in Count Masters Mod APK?

Unlocked Skins/ Unlimited Money

You will gain a cumulative quantity of points for each great completion of a level. You can unlock a skin when your score reaches 100 percent. Each costume provides you with a completely different and stunning appearance. Make the game screen more appealing and less dull. You may spend the money you earn to unlock additional unique clothes. There is no reason to waste time or make it tough to obtain what you desire. Help revive your army with unrivaled creativity.

Graphics and sound

Stickman action games have never been known for their graphics, and in some cases, the sound is even left out. But you do not have to worry about it since a colorful 3D stickman army and a variety of challenging challenges are enough to make gamers swoon. You will have a blast with Count Masters Mod APK since it is entertaining and dramatic in every move.


For any gamer, Count Masters Mod APK is the ultimate obstacle course game. You may play it anywhere or even with your family members, and everyone will have a good laugh while bonding. To enjoy the best experience on your phone, download the mod today from our website TECHTODOWN.


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