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Android home screen experience essentially depends on launcher apps which can be used in personalizing their layouts, visual and overall functional aspects. For that familiar MIUI 12 look and feel plus a lot of customization options, you might consider using Cool Mi Launcher. Just hold your breath as we are going to take you through the world of Cool Mi Launcher and see how it could change how you use Android.


Launcher apps are apps that people use to set up their Android devices with a home screen different from the one offered by the manufacturer, so they can change how it looks, how it works and how it feels. Cool Mi Launcher is a launcher for you if you are looking for MIUI 12 themed launcher with lots of customizations.

Cool Mi Launcher Apk

This article will expound on everything about Cool Mi Launcher which ranges from its key functions to its most outstanding features. We will look at how Cool Mi Launcher can completely overhaul your Android phone’s home screen giving you total control over its appearance and user experience.

What is the Cool Mi Launcher?

This is a third-party launcher app which will make your Android phone’s personalization capabilities above and beyond what you may have experienced before. Composed by Cool Launcher App Team, it surpasses the basic functions of any stock launcher bringing many features to your disposal in order to match your unique style and workflow on your home screen.

Simply put, Cool Mi Launcher replaces everything on your phone that is related to home screen. In this new scheme, you can set up apps, widgets and folders as per how you would like them to be arranged. This is particularly crucial because Cool Mi Launcher by no means represents an official Xiaomi product. Even if its design language has derived from Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 launcher, it still works independently as a different application developed by another group of people.

Get MIUI 12 Look and Feel

The user interface called MIUI 12, which is found in Xiaomi smartphones, is known for the aesthetic simplicity it comes with, its intuitive arrangement as well as its ease of use. Cool Mi Launcher can make it possible to experience MIUI 12 on your Android phone regardless of the brand you are using. This comprises the app drawer design, style of notification shade as well as overall visual language.

Cool Mi Launcher Apk

Wide Range Of Customization Options

You can become an architect of your home screen with help from Cool Mi Launcher. By using plenty customization options available there, one may set up a user mode exactly according to one’s preferences and work requirements. Let us discuss some key features that unlock these possibilities:

  • Themes & Wallpapers: Unleash numerous visually stunning themes and high-resolution wallpapers from which you can choose ones that would create specific look for your home screen at all times they are displayed. When choosing among many available sets via Cool Mi Launcher one should bear in mind wide range of themes meeting different inclinations starting from dull sleek ones down to vibrant funny ones.
  • Icon Packs: You don’t have like default app icons? Through different third party icon packs supported by Cool Mi Launcher, users can change their app icons entirely such that they become one complete visual style.
  • Widgets & Layouts: There are several widgets you can place on your home screen to add functionality or display information. You may also explore diverse grid layouts with Cool Mi Launcher that enable you arrange applications and other objects maximally efficient both in terms of visual perception as well as accessibility.

Cool Mi Launcher gives you the power to make your home screen your own in many ways just like in the examples given above. It offers extensive customization options that will let you create a user experience which is one of a kind and functional and which totally reflects who you are.

Reaping the Benefits of Cool Mi Launcher

Cool Mi Launcher Apk

Why should you choose Cool Mi Launcher over the stock launcher on your android device? Here are some reasons why you may want to consider making the switch:

  • Layers: You can alter your phone’s entire look and feel by using various customization options provided. With this user-friendly interface, it is easy for users to enhance their artistic ability at home screen.
  • Improved Organization: By arranging applications neatly and hiding less frequently used apps among others, there is ease of access. Clutters are thus avoided while enabling smoother working processes.
  • Efficiency Boost: Through such features as app search plus customizable gesture command for easy navigation around your phone. Find what you need quickly while minimizing unnecessary taps and swipes.
  • Familiar MIUI Experience: This makes Cool Mi Launcher a more straightforward alternative for those accustomed to MIUI 12 on Xiaomi devices, thereby creating an environment that looks like MIUI 12 but not in Xiaomi handsets.
  • Lightweight and Efficient: The purpose of designing Cool Mi Launcher was to ensure that it is able to run smoothly without any hitches or hang-ups whatsoever, hence it won’t slow down your device. This guarantees an experience that is smooth and flowing throughout.

Cool Mi Launcher can improve your overall Android experience significantly by incorporating these benefits hence providing a more personalized, organized and efficient means of interacting with your phone.


The Cool Mi Launcher is a highly resourceful and adjustable tool for personalizing Android. If you love MIUI or you want to create a different kind of home screen, the Cool Mi Launcher will enable you to take charge of your phone’s looks and how it works. Before trying it out, consider what you like, if deep customization is important to you and want the same MIUI vibe, then this mobile app has got your back.


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