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Apr 8, 2024
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With Cooking Truck MOD APK, you can put your grandiose plans into action by constructing huge food trucks to cater to all customers. You will be assisted by your siblings and make a killing in profits.

Introduce Cooking Truck

What do you think about the unique idea of building a chain of food-themed stores through trucks? If you love the concept, then Cooking Truck will be more than happy to accompany you in those breakthrough ideas. This is truly a unique game unlike any other where players raise that one big breakthrough idea and see it come alive today. The game not only needs but encourages unique thinking if we want any chance at success. Surely there are many obstacles along the way that we’ll need to overcome, but with enough enthusiasm anything is possible!

Cooking Truck MOD APK for android


Creating extremely bold ideas

You have decided to build a chain of fast-food restaurants on wheels due to the hectic lifestyle of many people these days. This is a great idea that has received much praise for its convenience, quality food, and good service. By catering to the needs of those around you, your business will surely be successful.

Before beginning the construction, the player must have a plan. It would be beneficial to find friends with similar ideas to work together on this project. All of the details regarding food, dishes and textures need to be calculated and arranged so that it can be completed in a timely manner. A unique selling point is that Cooking Truck provides different types of large trucks for transporting food.

Cooking Truck – Food Truck apk mod

Start business chain

You are a great chef that can make all sorts of awesome dishes for people who come to your truck. You need more friends to help you with this, so start by building a new menu with some amazing meals. All the ingredients and cooking supplies necessary will be provided, so all you have to do is choose what to use!

Players can get started with cooking by choosing from a variety of different menus. Players will cook the dishes in large quantities to make sure that the food is always fresh and attractive. Once players have finished processing the food, they can move on to decorating and transporting it. Players will be responsible for packing the food into containers and then moving it onto inspected trucks. The driver will then transport the food to specified locations so that diners can enjoy it.

Cooking Truck MOD APK unlimited money

Regular menu changes

Businesses should operate according to a schedule and be carefully arranged. Players need to sit down with the chefs in order to come up with reasonable menus. Adding new dishes to your menu will make your store more attractive, as each dish will have its own unique flavors and ingredients. It would also help if you experimented with new food items to receive positive feedback from customers.

The primary incentive for owning a Cooking Truck is the high profit margin on each dish sold. As you build more chain stores and mobile trucks, your income will gradually increase. Additionally, Cooking Truck makes it easy to implement this business model and provides support along the way. Players just need to use the available features to run their businesses effectively.

Cooking Truck MOD APK game

Key features

  • Make a business plan with your friends and execute it.
  • To be able to meet the needs of all diners, we need to implement a chain of stores with new culinary themes.
  • You can pick from an array of large and small trucks to transport food to customers in the game.
  • Always update your menu and take suggestions to fine-tune your business plan.
  • By upgrading our trucks and using food storage equipment, we can deliver quality food to our diners.


Cooking Truck MOD APK is a great way to learn and practice business skills while having fun. It provides players with the opportunity to take control of their own virtual food truck business and make it successful. Players can acquire new customers, upgrade trucks, and expand their businesses with the help of in-game features. The game encourages creativity, quick thinking and collaboration between different players. With Cooking Truck MOD APK, you can bring your dream of owning a food truck into reality!


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