Cookies Must Die Mod Apk v2.0.99 (Unlimited Diamonds)

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Feb 4, 2020
Dec 13, 2023
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If you are looking for an action game with addictive gameplay, we recommend Cookies Must Die Mod Apk. This is a fast-paced, high-speed battle adventure game with effective slow motion. Slow-motion is a challenging technology to master so it’s a fun but challenging skill for you to experience. The game will give you simple and accessible gameplay along with loads of interesting content and features. Download the game to discover attractive things right away.

What is Cookies Must Die Mod Apk about?

Cookies Must Die is a stylish 2D action game in which you will encounter a cool protagonist, equally cool opponents. You will fight strange mutated cookie foes in a series of entertaining battles using the game’s unique in-game elements.


Explore the in-depth platformer gameplay as you knock down numerous cookie monsters with your unique combat tactics. You will have the opportunity to participate in epic battles in stunning graphics and lengthy gameplay.

Highlight featues of Cookies Must Die Mod Apk

Attractive Story

The story begins when a sloppy scientist from a top-secret facility decided to test a novel technology on a bag of biscuits. Yummies increased in intelligence, stature, and awareness that they were not on their way to join humans.

After that, the war began. Battles have only taken place on the outskirts of a tiny town until now. Furthermore, every effort must be made to prevent hostilities and mutations from crossing the quarantine zone.

Interesting gameplay

In Cookies Must Die, your mission is to eat as many scrumptious desserts as possible. You will experience the unique, exciting gameplay of the action platformer.

You will enjoy the game’s slow-motion features, which allow you to freely navigate your characters over the landscape. You will attack your opponents with incredible sprints and bullets, and perform precise mid-air hops to escape enemy attacks or get away from obstructions.


Cookies Must Die is a simple game to play when it comes to manipulation. You can easily control spy Jack by touching and swiping the screen in different left and right directions. Every time you blast a cookie into a hundred pieces, you’ll have a lot of pleasure.

A series of exciting platformer challenges

Cookies Must Die will provide you with a series of exciting platformer challenges, in which you can have fun and enjoy to the fullest. You can take on multiple in-game levels with unique setups and obstacles. You will also face various enemies with unique traits, along with their nasty bosses. In this game, you will fight through the exciting levels with difficulties.

Unique weapons and gadgets

In Cookies Must Die, you can also explore and experience the ultimate platformer gameplay with unique weapons and gadgets. Feel free to employ them and engage in epic battles, conflicts with the opponents.


To win battles, you need to use your items wisely and effectively. You can seek out and experiment with new forms of action in the game for even more exciting experiences.

Pick up different power-ups and upgrades for your characters

In this game, you can pick up different power-ups and upgrades for your characters when engaging in battle with the deformed cookies. You can also collect stuff or earn points to increase your character’s weaponry and strength.

The game has also level-up systems, which allow you to collect experience by completing in-game challenges and defeating your opponents. The cookie matrix becomes increasingly unpredictable and perplexing as your abilities improve.

Graphics and sound

Cookies Must Die offers you intuitive gameplay in many of the game’s fascinating stages thanks to the 2D side-scrolling adventures. You can see the vibrant level designs and a plethora of fantastic visual effects that will bring a new dimension to your action gaming.


In addition, the sensitive and realistic in-game mechanics will keep you completely engrossed in the amazing platformer experience. The game also has addicting tunes and intelligent sound effects that will keep you hooked on the game for hours on end.

What is special in Cookies Must Die Mod Apk?

Cookies Must Die is available for free on Google Play for you to download and enjoy. However, you will encounter ads and in-game purchases in the original version. As a result, you provide Cookies Must Die Mod Apk on our website Techtodown with unlocked features.

Our customized version will make you feel free to enjoy all the advanced features in this game without paying anything. You just need to download our mod version and play the unlocked platformer game whenever you’re ready.

Final words

Cookies Must Die Mod Apk will bring you a gorgeous, fast-paced fighting game with a humorous plot and visuals. You will have new and exciting experiences with slow-motion platforms in this game. This game will undoubtedly become your new favorite casual game on your Android devices.


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