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Have you ever played Clue Mod Apk? It is a detective game in which the player has to find out the different causes of death by exploring 9 rooms. The Clue Mod Apk is an unofficial mod for this game that gives players unlimited money and power-ups. This blog post will give you more information about how it works and if it is worth downloading for your device.

About Clue Mod Apk

The Clue is a popular detective game that takes place in the Tudor Hall mansion and features a game board with nine rooms. Each player becomes a guest at the house and represents a person. In fact, on the eve of his thirtieth birthday, Doctor Black discovered inexplicable things about his deceased uncle and was murdered by his nephew, Sir Hugh Black. The spacious living room is a problem for the house. Every detective must look at each of these individuals thoroughly, seeking for hints that will lead to the conclusion. What was the crime scene like? What was the murderer’s murder weapon? And who is the prime suspect between Miss Scarlett, Dr. Orchid, Reverend Green, Professor Plum, Countess Peacock, narcissist Colonel Mustard, playboy Reverend Green? The winner will be the detective who answers all three questions first.

Clue Mod Apk

The players take on the persona of suspects and attempt to solve the crime. The solution needs three elements of the offender, the weapon, and the location where the crime took place. One of the most well-known games in history is Clue. You’ll play as a junior detective who’s trying to figure out who murdered someone.

Gameplay with 5 stages

1. Place all weapons and character counters in the center of the game, with Tudor Mansion as a backdrop. There are less than six investigators involved in the case. Each detective selects one of the suspects from among the available characters to employ his pawn. Then proceed to Samuel Black’s home and investigate 2. The black Clue cards will be divided into three decks, each containing weapons, suspects, and rooms. Each deck should be carefully shuffled and placed face down on the board separately from the other decks.

Clue Mod Apk techtodown

3. Shuffle and recombine the three decks of black Clue cards into a single deck. After each investigator is given all of their cards, face down, distribute them among the team one at a time. Each player has the same amount of cards. It’s vital that detectives don’t reveal their hands to one another.

4. Give each investigator a clue sheet from the detective’s notebook and a pen not included in the box. Keep your clue sheet out of reach of curious eyes. Each investigator must make a note on his clue sheet of the black Clue cards he obtained during distribution, without being seen by the other detectives. Also, look for any remaining cards that were placed next to the board face up after they were revealed.

Clue Mod Apk download

5. Finally, shuffle the red prize cards and set them next to the board to make additional moves or lucrative actions during the investigation. If you’d rather investigate according to Clue’s original rules, replace the red cards in the box.

Use hints to win

Who, with what weapon, and WHERE? Download the official app to solve the case! nJoin Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Dr. Orchid, and Professor Plum on a night of murder and mystery at Tudor Mansion. “Mr. Boddy has been murdered!” Who did it? With what tool? In which room? Roll the dice to move around the mansion and ask questions: “I believe it was Miss Scarlet with the Rope in the Study!” Use the revolutionary logic-assisted virtual Clue Sheet to jot down notes and eliminate red herrings. Make amazing deductions and solve the crime before anyone else!

Download Clue Mod Apk

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