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Clone Armies is a popular shooting strategy game on Android phones that everyone enjoys; the game is available for free from the game company Elecube. There is now an Android version of the game Clone Armies Mod APK.

Why should you download Clone Armies?

Clone Armies is a tactical combat game with a military battle setting. Your mission is to command your army and attack the opposing side. Create a clever strategy using a combination of troops and weapons to quickly dispatch any formidable opponents. Master the game and advance to the next level!


Enticing gameplay

Each battle of the Clone Armies is divided into a variety of attacks. The number of soldiers participating in the battle is represented by each wave of attacks. In addition, if the attack exceeds the allowed limit, the number of stars will be reduced.

In a war, for example, there are five waves of attacks. In the first attack, only one soldier is involved. When you switch to the second attack, the number of minions will increase to two. Each subsequent wave of attacks will, in turn, increase by one combat unit. Until the last attack is finished.

After each attack, you can complete the quest as needed. From there, you will get excellent results with the maximum number of stars, three. However, if the war has not yet ended. For each subsequent attack, the number of stars will be reduced. Then, if you are still unable to meet the fight’s specified conditions.

Control the soldiers to fight

Military tactics in Clone Armies are more than just recruiting soldiers with superior combat skills. Or the number of soldiers involved exceeds that of the opposing force. It is also reflected in the manner in which you command the soldiers to fight.


With a centralized command and control system for all soldiers in each battle. You have the option of moving the army forward or backward. Jumping over obstacles is also an option. To fire, combined with the reticle icon.

Observe the enemy’s forces as well in order to avoid their attacks. Although it cannot be completely avoided, it is mitigated when attacked.

A variety of appealing game modes

Clone Armies offers a variety of appealing game modes. Enter campaign mode for epic battles. Completing the missions assigned in each battle will allow you to conquer the enemy base. It could be to destroy the entire enemy force or their cloning machine. After finishing the campaign, you can enter 1vs1 multiplayer mode.

You can put your military skills to the test in solo and co-op modes. Each mode has its own gameplay and set of rules that you must follow. After the battle, regardless of which mode you choose. Soldiers will give you rewards, including money and skill points. Excellent performance will earn you a variety of attractive rewards based on the number of stars you earn.

Choose a unit to decide the battle ahead

Before each battle, you must select a unit to determine the outcome of the battle. There are numerous units available in the player’s army system that can be freely selected. Some of these options include Commando, Masksman, Defender, Pyro, and Medic.

Each soldier has unique traits in each category. Clone Armies APK requires you to have a detailed plan in order to overcome the opponent’s intrigue. You do not always take the initiative; sometimes the enemy does. At such times, the player must exploit any available loopholes and launch an attack.


Weapons of various types

Aside from the standard weapons such as machine guns, you can equip additional guns that shoot automatically in a fixed position. Clone Armies does not restrict the types of weapons available, but it is a great way to get ideas for building strategies.

Remember that your opponent’s army is diverse as well. Introducing a new shooting mode. Players have their own army to break traditional gameplay.

Highlight Features of Clone Armies APK

  • In the battle with other armies, become the skilled commander of the blue army. Increase the size of your army by adding more soldiers and weapons.
  • When minions die and respawn, the battle loop continues indefinitely. In a similar way, the number of soldiers can be increased.
  • Hundreds of battle levels await you as you take on challenges. Each level represents a formidable adversary faction.
  • Create an intelligent strategy for combating the enemy. Upgrade your army’s equipment and employ the most powerful weapons.
  • Get awesome rewards for completing challenges and events to retrofit tanks, jeeps, jets, and other cars.
  • There are numerous game modes to try, particularly the battle mode with multiple armies. Claim the title of “King of the Player Rankings” with your friends.
  • Possibility of using various weapons and equipment
  • Capability to participate in online battles
  • Obtaining capsules allows you to earn points.
  • Simple and comfortable gameplay Select from a variety of military units
  • Defeat various boss battles
  • Two-dimensional graphics that are useful
  • Various forces with distinct abilities
  • There are numerous enjoyable and challenging missions.
  • There are several game modes to choose from, as well as an endless special mode in which you can compete against other players.
  • There are numerous hats and effects available to help you decorate your army.

Clone Armies Mod APK Latest Version

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • No Ads

In Clone Armies Mod APK, each unit has its own fighting ability. When they win, their power can be upgraded by using the skill points they receive. Similarly, the amount required to unlock each unit corresponds to their ability. The more money there is to recruit, the better the fighting power.

How to play Clone Armies APK?

Clone Armies is simple to play and easy to learn, with a variety of levels and tasks to choose from. We will show you some tips for playing:

  • Clone Armies is a one-of-a-kind shooting game. Control your little legions to kill the opposing enemies in the game. You can clone countless fighters to defend if you have enough resources.
  • The level will restart if the player is killed by an enemy. There will also be an additional character to assist you in playing the game.
  • The more partners you have, the more you will die. And these clones will help you finish the game by using different weapons and vehicles. As your clones grow in number, the game becomes more difficult.
  • Clone Armies is a very casual horizontal version of 2D breakthrough games that you can play. Each card in the game is unique.
  • To defeat the enemy and complete the challenge, players must assemble a powerful and intelligent clone army.
  • Players must assemble an army of clones equipped with various weapons. Then, proceed to the game to compete against other players.
  • Players can also customize their soldiers’ weapons and equipment to increase their combat effectiveness. Please come to download and experience detailed content.


If you are interested, you can download and try the game, which includes numerous weapons and props as well as the ultimate strategy battle. The number of gold coins available in the Clone Armies Mod APK latest version is unlimited. Please download the game as soon as possible in order to understand the gameplay.


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