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Clan N Mod Apk is a game with classic arcade gameplay that creates fast-paced and suffocating battles. A compelling storyline with each character with its own story and extremely attractive action role-playing gameplay. You play as a Clan leader, who was betrayed by the clan members to be killed by the enemies. The protagonist has the ability to control time, which makes him have infinite uses of items such as potions in battles.

About Clan N Mod Apk

Clan N Mod Apk is a Ninja role-playing game with classic arc gameplay that creates fast-paced and suffocating battles. A compelling storyline with each character with its own story and extremely attractive action role-playing gameplay. The main characters in the game are Clan N, Akuji’s son; Hina who has lost her memory; Reiichi who can see the invisible lines of fate; Shinonome, an enigmatic girl wearing white clothes and black hair… More than 100 types of enemies to fight against will appear on the map! The leader may be powerful but he also needs help from all his brothers? When fighting for victory over an enemy attack group or strengthening their position on the battlefield, players must use wisdom and strategy to defeat the enemy!

Clan N Mod Apk download

At a moment when Clan N is defeated, they will have no choice but to live an unhappy life. This clan has surrendered and begged for mercy after being chased by the enemies; this clan was once again attacked with surprise attacks; this Clan lost its territory in one battle… All of these are just normal events that happened every day and night on the battlefields? The story tells about fighting against fate, eternal glory, belongingness as well as free-will. The clan of ninjas who tries to balance the world by keeping peace, knowledge, and time intact is in danger after Akuji’s discovery leads them into an inevitable clash between good and evil. The players will have to get ready for some intense fighting while they fight as their chosen ninja on one side or another! Game features include beautifully designed anime graphics, over 100 different enemies including bosses spread across various levels within the game world; powerful cinematic moves such as “Fury Mode” which greatly boosts the character’s physical abilities; and a compelling story with each of the characters in the game to keep players entertained.

Clan N Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Character system

The Clan N Mod Apk has a very interesting system of character customizations. You can choose the type, class, and weapon skills for each protagonist to show their personality. In addition, you can also select one or more pets that will accompany them in combat and add diversity to your strategy during battles. The 4 main characters include:

  • Akira: Ninja wields swords with the power of lightning that can create electric attacks.
  • Reina: She has the ability to make the ground shake on many levels.
  • Daiki: Uses dual swords to create powerful tornadoes.
  • Monk Tarou: has the ability to summon the appearance of dragons to fight.

Clan N Mod Apk Unlimited Money download

  • During battle: Clan N Mod apk includes over 20 different enemies with incredible graphics who must be defeated at all costs. The bosses are like real-time puzzles that require patience and intelligence if they want to overcome it without problems ̵ Combat is based on time intervals; So try not to let your finger stay inactive too much because when this happens time starts running out so you have less energy left. It is important to use your time wisely, but keep in mind that you can also select a large number of skills for each character.

Clan N Mod


  • Classic: a new game mode to Clan N Mod. In this mode, you should kill the enemy while protecting your base at all costs. The goal of this mission is not only to get more points and being invincible in front of the opponent but also to protect the flag by killing their troops before they come too close to it. Increase difficulty as easy for any player with no experience can play it well; The bosses are powerful because that’s where we will find them most often during games like these ones. It would be better if now I start describing how to fight against each boss since there are different strategies depending on which one you have met.
  • Timeless Arena: This arena has been created especially for those who want a good fight with this boss. You would need to control the time in order to get more hits on your enemy;
  • Hook’s Hideout: The perfect place for those who don’t want to fight against a lot of troops but just one powerful guy planning to kill you without any mercy. This arena is not that big and it has been designed as a circular track where everything will happen.
  • Pirates’ Cove: A completely dark, wet, and cold place surrounded by mountainside waves crashing onto land from all sides while neverending rain falls down over its inhabitants making them feel like they are constantly drowning… They only wish someone could come to save them from the sea outside their safe haven.
  • Graphics and sound

Graphics and sound effects are not the only strong point of this game. The system for the character’s upgrading is also very interesting, with cards that can be upgraded to provide more skills and abilities to players. To summarize in a few words, Clan N Mod Apk is an awesome action role-playing game that has impressive graphics combined with exciting gameplay features like lightning from the sky or mountains flying up from the ground at high speed, making it really worth trying out.

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  • Unlimited Money
  • Menu Modification

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