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Mar 9, 2024
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Chronus Information Widgets is an application that was born and quite popular in the past few years; of course, until this point, its popularity is still declining. It is a famous Android application that allows users to install the device completely free of charge and is easily convenient anytime, anywhere. Download Chronus Information Widgets Mod APK Latest Version for free at TECHTODOWN now!

What’s Chronus Information Widgets?

The user will see the Chronus application’s numerous special features come into play. Human dependence on things has significantly decreased in the modern world. Today, many applications are released that will help you save time and energy rather than relying on alarm clocks to wake you up to view the news and weather on television. This app is regarded as the best one that offers tools like news, a clock, weather widgets, and other widgets.

Chronus Information Widgets Mod Apk1

Chronus can be said to as a “series of applications” that offer and display various useful information like News, Clock, Weather, etc. You may sync all the information on the phone screen using only Chronus Information Widgets APK.

An application called Chronus Information Widgets collects all the widely used widgets, such as the clock, weather, news, and others. They receive and fulfill all conditions and demands put out by users.

All Chronus equipment helps your mobile device give accurate, rich information while conserving data and battery life. Join me in claiming the freshest and newest features around.

Why do we need Chronus Information Widgets?

You know, every day, hundreds of pieces of information require quick updates. It would be fantastic if there was an app that could consolidate everything, sync them rapidly, and allow you to read what you need right away. The tool that can perform that miracle is Chronus.

The name Chronus (Chronus Information Widgets) already indicates what purpose it plays. This app gives you access to a wealth of information that is all shown on the same phone screen. Several items can be seen at once: Time, Weather, Stocks, Schedule of the Day, and Highlights.


The Chronus Information Widgets are open for players to utilize in any way they see fit. Here, makes it easier and more effective than ever to view weather tables. Furthermore, you have the option to read articles or news on the news stream from accessible sources that are relevant to significant events or concerns.

Additionally, a variety of sources of weather data are updated often and constantly each day, providing consumers with the most up-to-date sources of information.


This application provides useful features that may be used to quickly and efficiently handle Google Tasks. Additionally, you may highlight important dates or certain forthcoming events using contrasting colors and bold types to create accents, making it simple to find and get to the day that must not be missed.

Additionally, this application will finally aid you rapidly with backing up and restoring utility settings.

Chronus Information Widgets Mod Apk 2


You will have a lot of flexibility in scaling Gmail. When people move messages or information to your Gmail account, it will be immediately and continually updated on display. Additionally, the same holds true for incoming calls, and you will see the phone numbers of any incoming callers you missed displayed on the screen along with a choice to call them again or not. Furthermore, SMS messaging is integrated.


When using Chronus Information Widgets, you can alter the colors to better match the UI and make it simpler for users to view each time. Additionally, you can utilize it to block your way and protect your dreaming screen.

Additionally, design and layout are important components of look and must be smartly and cleanly placed so that they are simple to find. Last but not least, providing the user with precise time is not possible without developing a full watch face.

Chronus Information Widgets Mod Apk 3


The introduction of Chronus Information Widgets will be a great buddy for you if you have a tendency to forget things. In essence, this app combines a Pocket read-later function with a featured RSS feed.

Thus, impending events will be shown in their entirety on the screen. It makes all the relevant information simple for users to comprehend. Additionally, you may purchase some in-app features with cash to make things smarter.


For all of today’s users, Chronus Information Widgets offers a comprehensive, simple-to-use interface. You will immediately identify the similarities between this application and the fundamental widget system on your device.

A variety of functions are displayed together with the icons that are now available. So, to explore the app’s accessible widgets, just press the screen and drag and drop.

Chronus Information Widgets Mod Apk 4

Chronus Information Widgets Mod APK Highlights

MOD features

  • Pro Unlocked
  • Additional Widgets (Forecast, Calendar, Clock+ (Forecast))
  • Custom Tap actions for Clock, Weather, and Calendar to launch apps or activities.
  • Change Clock and Weather panel alignment
  • Change Analog clock style
  • Month View Calendar style
  • Calendar and Event colors
  • Set Widget backgrounds
  • Additional News providers (Feedly, Facebook)
  • Daydream screensaver
  • Status Bar Weather notifications
  • Add unlimited Dash Clock Extensions
  • Full Chronus Wear watch face with Google Fit counters and weather forecast
  • Additional Widgets (Forecast, Calendar, Clock+ (Forecast), Fit+ and Stocks
  • Additional News providers (Feedly, Twitter, Reddit)
  • Additional Tasks providers (Microsoft Exchange, Evernote, and Todoist)
  • Many more alignment, style, color, and layout options for all widgets
  • Set custom Tap actions to launch apps or activities
  • Stock Alerts

The best option for any user to experience ease on their smartphone is Chronus Information Widgets Mod APK. This application gives a wide range of settings, from simple to complex, in addition to widgets. By downloading and using this app right now, you can learn more about it.

Wrapping Up

Chronus has more advantages than you may imagine. You will save a lot of money if you compile all the relevant information in one location. You may then track information more actively and operate more productively from there. Try Chronus Information Widgets Mod APK if you are feeling overloaded with daily little bits of information. You will not ever be let disappointed by it!


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