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Feb 24, 2024
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Case Hunter MOD APK is a charming mobile puzzle game that blends hidden object scenes with mind-bending riddles and a generous dose of humor. With its quirky cases, vibrant cartoon style, and constant challenge, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for puzzle lovers and anyone who enjoys a good laugh.

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  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited skills


Unleash Your Inner Detective in the Quirky World of Case Hunter! Get prepared to play tricky games with criminals and solve nonsensical riddles in a new mobile game. The game can actually engage your mind in logical thinking and observatory skills as well as provide you with funny situations and puzzles that bend your mind.

Case Hunter is for both dedicated investigators, as well as puzzle enthusiasts. Therefore, put on your thinking cap and come solve this mystery if you like teasers! Furthermore, those who love puzzle games that comes with a little story should also try Family Farm Adventure from

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What is Case Hunter?

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

Step into the shoes of a rookie detective in Case Hunter, a thrilling mobile puzzle game. What do you have to do? Solve ridiculously funny cases one after another that are loaded with humor and brain-twisting challenges.

Gameplay That Hooks You

Case Hunter combines several concepts together:

  • Hidden Object Masterclass: Be it messy rooms or colourful scenes, train your eyes to notice hidden clues within them. Every pixel counts!
  • Mind-Bending Puzzles: Crack codes, relate unconnected items together or answer brainteasers which will twist your mind.
  • Laugh-Out-Loud Storytelling: Each case unfolds with surprising twists, endearingly odd characters, and healthy doses of humor that will keep you grinning between those “aha!” moments.

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Why Case Hunter Stands Out

  • Eye-Catching Cartoon Style: This vibrant playful animation style is what makes the whimsical world of the game alive.
  • An Ever-Growing Caseload: From minor thefts to more elaborate schemes, different cases make sure gameplay does not turn tiresome.
  • Perfect for Quick Breaks and Long Sessions: While it may be enjoyed during idle moments due to its pick-up-and-play nature; however its immersive puzzles could hold you hostage for hours on end.

Detective Work for Everyone

No matter if you are an experienced puzzle lover or a casual gamer who wants to try something new, Case Hunter is a friendly and rewarding experience.

Why You’ll Love Case Hunter

  • The Thrill of the Mind Chase: Case Hunter provides that perfect balance of challenge and satisfaction. Puzzles are smart enough to make you think, but not so challenging as to frustrate you. It’s always great to know that you made it through every single one!
  • Humor Your Investigative Sidekick: From absurd scenarios to witty dialogue, Case Hunter delivers constant laughs. In other words, this game is full of fun even when there seems like nothing that can be done about the hardest riddle.
  • The Joy of “Aha! Moments”: Nothing beats the feeling of finally making sense of a bizarre clue or solving a puzzle that initially seemed impossible. Those moments in which all becomes clear are replete in this game.
  • Constantly Evolving Mysteries: If the game features regular updates, you could mention it here. New cases, events and challenges will keep bringing back seasoned detectives as they test their skills evermore.

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A Treat for Puzzle Fans and Casual Gamers Alike

Case Hunter is a delightful choice for anyone who enjoys thinking outside the box and a good dose of quirky humor. Whether you’re an old hand at solving puzzles or someone just looking for some light-hearted challenge for their brain; this game has it all!

Tips for New Detectives

  • Examine Everything, Question Everything: Don’t just glance around – inspect every detail! Sometimes clues can be very well hidden in Case Hunter Tap on objects, zoom into specific areas, and leave no corner unexplored.
  • Go Beyond the Ordinary: Case Hunter loves to think outside the box. A random object may be a means of deciphering a code or unlocking a hidden path. If it seems odd, it usually is!
  • Use Hints Wisely: Do you find yourself stuck with an extremely stubborn puzzle? This game has hint system. Bear in mind that these are limited resources so use them strategically rather than always depending on them.
  • Be Prepared for Surprises: You never know what will happen next in Case Hunter. Aside from that, there will be funny twists and bizarre jokes; solutions that are beautifully irrational.

Patience is Your Ally

If you can’t solve a particular question at once do not get frustrated. Take a deep breath and leave it for some time before returning with new eyes. Often times great detectives have had eureka moments after taking short breaks like this.


Case Hunter has truly stolen my puzzle-loving heart! It has the perfect blend of quirkiness, challenging gameplay and outrightly hilarious scenarios. I enjoy how non-serious the game is making even success and an occasional fall both entertaining. Download Case Hunter now!


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