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May 28, 2020
Mar 13, 2024
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Are you all set to take to the skies as a pilot in Carpet Bombing 2 Mod APK? Players will pilot jet fighters and engage in intense battles. Your mission is to eliminate the enemy from the air, the ground, and the sea. How are you going to avoid enemy fire? Demonstrate your ability to deal with adversity right now!

A general introduction about Carpet Bombing 2

Carpet Bombing 2 was released not long ago, but it has already achieved a lot of success in a variety of categories. The most appreciated comes from the game’s content, which in the game you will imagine the ferocity of war later. To win in Carpet Bombing 2, you must master all weapons and handle them with flexibility.


Carpet Bombing 2 is a visually appealing plane shooting game developed by Synthetic Mind. The game is set in the future when war has broken out and all of the world’s conflicts have reached ahead. The jet plane was the most commonly used weapon at the time, and with its high destructive power, it was a terrifying weapon for many countries.

With numerous difficulties and challenges, players must observe and avoid enemy fire. Drop accurate bombs on enemies, causing them to be destroyed. The game has 2D graphics but still meets the needs of players. With a new fighting style, the game will undoubtedly differ from previous games you have played.

What makes Carpet Bombing 2 so enjoyable?

The new retro gameplay style

You will be involved in fast-paced battles thanks to the new retro gameplay style. Choose any plane for yourself at the start of each mission, then proceed to launch on the runway at the base to proceed to the areas of conflict.

Destroy enemies with guns, bombs, and even rockets. Each scene requires you to face a variety of enemies: people in the air, people on the ground, depending on how you use your weapons.


Engage in appealing campaigns

Carpet Bombing 2 requires extensive observation, as you must quickly observe the terrain in order to identify the dangers that are approaching you. A series of bullets, missiles, and guns appear all over the map during each battle, so you must keep an eye on the map from all angles, control the plane to avoid them, and use weapons to destroy them.

They must be destroyed. It will be extremely difficult for those who are just getting started. The game transports you to many fascinating battles in lands rife with chaos and pain.

Numerous game modes to choose from

Synthetic Mind, the game’s developer, provides a multitude of different modes for players to enjoy.

  • Arcade mode: Throws you into lightning-fast battles. Levels change instantly, with no take-off or landing time, by skipping airplane moves.
  • Simulation mode: For those who want to fly the plane in a realistic manner. Carry out takeoff, landing, and fuel management missions.
  • Endless Mode: A hybrid of Arcade and Simulation modes. Starting with the process of selecting an aircraft, equipping weapons, and participating in an endless war.
  • Defense mode: Your mission is to repel enemy attacks on the base.
  • Campaign mode: Take on the role of a hero tasked with saving the island. By eliminating all enemies.

Each mode in Carpet Bombing 2 provides a large number of resources. To receive the bonus, you must destroy the entire game and win.


Appealing graphics and exciting sound

Despite being a simple shooting game, Carpet Bombing 2 captured the ferocity of the war at the time. Furthermore, with familiar 2D graphics, each action phase will be more appealing and exciting, and the sound is quite detailed. You will never get bored because each mission takes you to a different location.

Carpet Bombing 2 Mod APK – Why is it required?

10+ enthralling levels – a wide range of enemies

Carpet Bombing 2 Mod APK includes more than ten exciting levels. Each level contains a large number of tasks for you to complete. At the same time, as you progress to the next level, the game’s difficulty will gradually increase.

At that point, the enemy will be more powerful, and the number of enemies will grow. When confronted with a large number of enemies such as planes, tanks, ships, and soldiers, you will need to devise an effective strategy.

Free shopping

Initially, Carpet Bombing 2 Mod provides you with a plane. Its combat ability, however, is also limited. When it reaches higher levels, it will be unable to withstand the enemy’s attack.

You must purchase a new plane with superior combat capabilities. You can buy a favorite plane with the money you have earned. Furthermore, upgrading the aircraft will improve combat capability. When upgrading the maximum power of the plane, allows you to quickly destroy the enemy.


If you enjoy retro 2D airplane action, Carpet Bombing 2 is a great choice. The game allows you to have a thrilling experience flying through the sky. You will fly powerful planes to drop bombs and destroy bosses and enemies in your path. The game attracts millions of people worldwide and receives a lot of positive feedback from players. The engaging game modes in Carpet Bombing 2 Mod APK make it extremely addictive for any player.


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