Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod Apk v3.14.1 (Unlimited Lives)

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Oct 10, 2018
May 30, 2024
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MOD Info?

Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod Apk – the latest version for Android. This game retains the classic gameplay of the puzzle game and adds many new things.

  • Unlimited Lives/Moves


Surely you are no stranger to the entertaining game Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod APK that is a classic match-3 puzzle game. This entertaining game gets a lot of downloads and high ratings from players. You will find elements that are close and unique in the series. Find familiar teammates and support each other in different levels and events.

What is Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod Apk about?

Candy Crush Friends Saga is a game for your Android phone where you will be immersed in a world of delicious sweets like cookies, jams, chocolates, and more.


The game will have hundreds of interesting and challenging levels, and many new modes that are extremely fun and attractive. With classic gameplay, vivid graphics, you will be immersed in the sweet world of sweet and colorful candies. Collect adorable friends on the adventure planet to go through different levels in this game.


Candy Crush Friends Saga has unique gameplay, and you will swipe the candies on the screen up, down, or left, right to get at least 3 of the same candies. At that time, those candies will be deleted, and you will win a certain number of points.

When you combine 4 or 5 of the same candies, they will form a special candy that can destroy all candies in rows, columns, or all candies on the board. That helps you to speed up the level completion much faster. In addition, this game has a new mechanism that allows us to arrange 2 * 2 squares. This new rule will give you many options to choose from. You can gain many interesting treasures and gifts at each level.

Characters in this game

In Candy Crush Friends Saga, there are many characters, and they are observers and people that help you in many ways. Each character will have unique characteristics that you will discover through the game’s various levels.


The characters’ support element is always the skills they possess, which can be introduced to the field if they meet a specified criterion. If you collect enough sweets, the character will use the talent automatically, and each skill is useful in this game.


In this game, there are many ways to play with fascinating aspects present at all times. You will go through several stages with difficult tasks. In addition, the number of levels is mind-boggling, and you will undoubtedly spend a significant amount of time completing them.

You can participate in numerous new activities at regular intervals to earn interesting rewards. Also, match-three challenges will always be the emphasis of event challenges. You will participate in different events with every level and difficulty that is unique and interesting.

Your friends

To be able to go through more difficult challenges at higher levels, you will need the support of companions. When you unlock new levels, you have a chance to make new friends with Yeti, Tiffy, Misty, or Nutcracker. When you mix candies with charming motion, they will dance, and companions can also assist in breaking the candies if necessary. When each level includes more fun new characters, the fun will be multiplied many times.



This game has a 3D graphics platform with lovely character images, sweet and attractive candy. You will be immersed in the candy world with funny sounds. This game can be played anywhere, at any time, both online and offline.

Why download Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod Apk

As we have introduced this game above, you will have to go through a lot of challenges and difficulty levels in this game. If you want to fully experience this game, pass all levels easily, the Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod Apk from our website will provide you with unlimited lives/move feature. With these mod features, you will have loads of lives to play and the lives will increase every 5 seconds.

FAQs about Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod Apk

In Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod Apk, how many levels are there?

  • When it was first released, the Candy Crush Friends Saga game had more than 400 levels and the game is constantly updating with new levels.

What new game modes does Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod Apk have?

  • In addition to the traditional mode, the game also gives you three special modes including: freeing the animals, freeing the octopus, and dunk the cookies.

Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod Apk gives you an exciting match-3 style game with a fresh gameplay. Attractive graphics and hundreds of extremely difficult levels waiting for you to explore. You can connect with other players on social networks to compete. Download this game and explore the world of sweets in an exciting adventure.


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