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Nov 4, 2023
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Are you one of the motorists who finds it difficult to use their phones while operating a vehicle? Or if you use a smartphone but have a disability that makes it difficult for you to use it properly? And this Buttons Remapper MOD APK will undoubtedly be useful for a variety of additional use cases when you need your one-touch action to carry out specific activities on your mobile devices. Keep reading on to see what we have to say about this app.

Introduce to Buttons Remapper

There are a number of annoyances while using touch controls because of the screen’s sensitivity or problems that cause the screen to freeze. It can be difficult for young children, the elderly, and anyone with eyesight problems to utilize touch screens. Because of this, Buttons Remapper was developed with the intention of giving users the finest support and ability to solve problems. This application replaces the typical phone functionality by using physical buttons.

Buttons Remapper mod apk

Implement hard key operations instead of touch operations

A collection of commands in Buttons Remapper modifies the phone’s ability to respond to commands. The phone is normally turned on or off by pressing the power button. Users of this program, on the other hand, will place orders via this button. The camera can be opened with a single touch, whereas the flashlight requires two rapid touches. Such a command can be carried out using the power button, volume up or down, home button, and other physical buttons. It does not use any touch buttons and instead has hardware buttons exposed on the outside of the phone.

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Easier to use camera, browser, or other apps

The user can practice testing once the commands have been positioned and attached to the hardware buttons. It is simple to use this technique to access programs. To quickly launch the browser, camera, or flashlight, just touch or hold the hardware buttons. With this convenience, even those who are not comfortable using touch controls can still use a touch phone.

Additionally, accessing the application takes less time. You will have a hard time recalling which operation goes with which utility, though. However, since using hardware buttons is much handier than using a touchscreen, you will eventually become accustomed to them and may even become addicted to them.

Buttons Remapper mod apk techtodown

Use various command combinations

Users of Android devices can quickly carry out various command sequences on their portable devices by using Buttons Remapper. Without pressing any physical buttons, you are welcome to alter how you control the media volume by using the app. Using the volume, home, or any other button, double-click to activate the flashlight. Without making a conscious effort, open your preferred browser, camera apps, and other Android programs instantly. Utilize several hard key combinations on your mobile devices, as well as touch options, to alter how you snap screenshots. possess a remote controller, a full QWERTY keyboard, an external gamepad, and the ability to remap buttons on these devices using Buttons Remapper. Through wired or Bluetooth connections, you can even remap your headset’s control.

Buttons Remapper mod apk latest version

Why download Buttons Remapper MOD APK on TechToDown?

You can download and use Button Remapper from Google Play Store for free. But you if you want to, you can pay to unlock premium features of this app. Having said that, if you purchase the premium version of the app, you will gain access to certain essential features such as simulating screen events, assigning system functionalities to hardware buttons, and so on. You can even configure actions to be performed when two or more physical keys are combined.

If you want to use the premium app but don’t want to pay for the premium purchases, you’ll find our modified version far more appealing. Here, we provide an unlocked program with no advertisements and limitless functions, which you may always use for free. Simply download the Buttons Remapper Mod APK from our website, follow the installation instructions, and you can begin fully enjoying the in-app features.

free download Buttons Remapper mod apk

MOD features:

  • Premium unlocked
  • Free


Buttons Remapper MOD APK, with its simple and easy-to-use features and comprehensive capabilities, will assist you in remapping any hardware buttons, touch actions, or gestures on your Android devices. Use it to save time and improve your on-screen experiences so you don’t have to deal with difficulties.


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