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Nov 24, 2021
Android 4.1+
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Get ready to embrace the spirit of a ninja! In NARUTO X BORUTO SHINOBI STRIKER, you are brought in the world of iconic Naruto universe with fast-paced 4-vs-4 online multiplayer battles. Acrobatic ninja combat that pumps adrenaline, a custom warrior to create and become victorious by learning special techniques – this is what you can expect from the game.


Are you an enthusiast about Naruto who wants to try out SHINOBI STRIKER dynamic world or someone who simply loves thrilling online fighting games? Starting with basic knowledge about ninjas and unlocking your full potentials, we will guide you on everything you need to know before getting started. Let’s begin!


What Makes Shinobi Striker Unique

Reimagining Naruto Legacy

Let’s face it; NARUTO X BORUTO SHINOBI STRIKER has an immediate appeal for anyone who is a fan of Naruto or Boruto. Stepping into famous shoes such as Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and the new generation of shinobis offers unmissable excitement. Nonetheless, the game goes above and beyond just recognizable faces.

Become a Master of Ninja Mobility

Although many hack-and-slash titles boast epic combats, SHINOBI STRIKER stands out due its frenzied acrobatics based gameplay. Multi-tiered areas where walls function like paths while rooftops turn into battlegrounds feature engagements and movement is as critical as mastering one’s ninjutsu skills. To dominate arenas advanced features such as leapings, tactical dodging or even staying on walls are necessary.

Build Your Ideal Ninja, Strategize Your Team

In SHINOBI STRIKER customization and strategic teamwork are vital aspects of gameplay. For instance each player picks their role prior to every clash:

  • Attack: Front-line warriors whose expertise lies in close-quarter combat and causing confusion among enemies.
  • Ranged: These are specialists in long-range assault tactics that enable them conquer any battlefield.
  • Defense: These are robust combatants designed to hold strategic locations and shield comrades from harm.
  • Heal: Critical for the team’s survival and maintaining a fighting unit, these individuals should keep her allies alive.

Winning often means assembling a well-rounded team, taking advantage of each other’s unique abilities rather than seeking individual glory.

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Getting Started: Essential Tips for New Players

Mastering the Art of Movement

You can become invincible with smooth moves. Practice sprinting along walls to beat levels quickly and get ahead in warfare gamming. Don’t leave out these features:

  • Dodging:Dodge at just the right time in order to evade attacks from opponents so as to leave spaces undefended/open
  • Substitution Jutsu:Necessary for escaping combos or teleporting instantly at advantageous positions

Unlock Your Potential Ninjutsu

There is a wide range of Ninjutsu techniques that each character has access to. Find out how they match your characters’ personas and preferences. There are several mechanics worth mastering:

  • Earning Scrolls: By participating in matches and completing VR tasks you will get scrolls that unlock additional Ninjutsu.
  • Experimentation: Attempt combining different jutsu for a more powerful effect.

Modes of Battle

In SHINOBI STRIKER there are numerous modes of play to prove yourself:

  • Flag Battle:Play as a team and capture flags.
  • Barrier Battle:Get ready for offensive or defensive maneuvers around main checkpoints.
  • Combat Battle: a less complicated team deathmatch mode.

Building Your Ideal Ninja

Express Your Ninja Style

The game NARUTO X BORUTO SHINOBI STRIKER allows you to create a ninja that truly reflects both your personality and playstyle. You have so many choices:

  • Outfits and Accessories: Show off your own cool style by mixing together Iconic outfits from the series or making your own outfit entirely.
  • Weapons: select peculiar weapons which not only look cool but also offer unique combat advantages
  • Ninjutsu Mastery: Choose special techniques and powerful Ultimate Jutsu that define how you fight.

Finding Your Perfect Build

Accordingly, no one way is best when it comes to constructing your ninja. This means that players need to find Ninjutsu, weapons, and outfits whose abilities combine well with the rest of their actions and character roles in order for their ninjas to be effective on the battlefield.

  • Attackers could concentrate on close-quarters damage combined with status effects.
  • For example, tactical ranged fighters might use traps plus slowing techniques for zone control purposes.
  • Defenders can focus on protective barriers as well as healing jutsus in order to remain unwavering defenders

The Path to Mastery: Learn from the Greats

As you become more familiar with the game, spend time observing skilled players in action.

  • Study Their Builds: Analyze top players’ Ninjutsu and strategies used during games.
  • Watch Replays: Understand how successful players move themselves around maps fighting enemies
  • Seek out Guides: Find detailed resources tailored specifically for certain Ninjutsu or playstyles


It is a thrilling unique Naruto universe based game NARUTO X BORUTO SHINOBI STRIKER where gamers experience an exhilarating encounter of ninja battles. It has fast pace action mechanics, tactics depth and beloved Naruto universe setting which can ignite the ninja in you.

If you are one of those players who have been following Naruto for a long time, or just a newbie looking forward to experiencing an exciting form of combat, then this is a game to keep an eye on. This game will show you how to embrace your ninja way and become an unstoppable force on the battlefield!

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