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Sanchit Gera
March 16, 2023
Android 4.4
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Introducing BOMBitUP APK

BOMBitUP is an Android-based app that was created primarily to send bomb messages. It will not be available in mobile stores, however. You must download it from the app sharing site. We’ll hook you up with the BOMBitUP apk so you can just put it on your phone. But you won’t be able to pull too many pranks on someone else. You’ll have to pay a small fee if you want to go beyond the boundaries and build a horror story with your joke.

Besides that, you also should know, BOMBitUP is a tool that will help you secure your phone number, email, and other data. It is almost free, but there are certain restrictions. You’ll have to complete tasks to receive free messages. You may be subjected to advertising or surveys…

Are you looking for the greatest SMS Bomber or Message Bomber APK for your Android device? Do you want it to be able to send messages to both international and domestic numbers? If that’s the case, then BOMBitUP Apk is the right app for you. The nicest part is that after delivering a large number of messages to a user.


Latest main features of BOMBitUP Apk that you should know

No Restriction on SMS

Yes! That’s correct. There are no limits to the number of SMS you may send to a friend in BOMBitUP. With this app, you may send a tremendous number of SMS ( SMS blast ) to your buddy in a single touch.

Custom Messages

You may create your own custom message to be sent. Users utilize this function most frequently to congratulate their friend on his birthday or another occasion.

Email Blast

The Send-A-Friend feature allows you to send an unlimited number of emails to your friend’s email account. What is more, the BOMBitUP service is so amazing that when these emails are delivered by mail checker at Google, they are not detected as spam.

Bomb on WhatsApp

You may even fool your pal via WhatsApp with BIU. In a single press, you may send a large number of messages to your friend’s WhatsApp phone number.

Totally FREE

The app is completely free. You won’t have to pay anything to install this software on your phone.

Root is not required

There is no need for root access to run this software on your Android mobile phone. As a result, an unrooted Android smartphone may easily install and use it.

Call Pinger

If you want to tell another hilarious anecdote, Call Pinger will be a great assistance. You’ll be able to make a lot of missed calls, which will enrage and pique the curiosity of the recipient. They’ll be furious and yelling with a slew of questions about who’s behind it.


You may also utilize it to assist you to avoid attacks from other individuals if you don’t wish to play around with BOMBitUP. The troublemakers will be unable to access your phone number or email address.

Check Update Version

The icon will appear at the bottom of the app’s menu. This tool will allow you to quickly install the most up-to-date version of BOMBitUP Apk. You may also pin our articles so that you receive notifications when new material is published.

Worldwide Targeting

You may use the Bomb it up APK to send SMS to international phone numbers as well as countries such as the United Kingdom, India, USA, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, and others. This app’s popularity is increased by this feature.

How to use BOMBitUP Apk?

  1. Open the BOMBitUP app on your Android device and then accept all of the terms and conditions.
  2. Then, you’ll see the home screen of the BOMBitUP application. Here, you’ll discover a variety of helpful tools.
  3. Now, choose the country of the spam target number from the drop-down menu next to the Choose Country option.
  4. Then, in the Phone Number field, enter your desired number. This should be entered without any country code. You may also select a phone number from your phone’s contact list.
  5. Select From Number and type in or select the number of messages you wish to spam on a target phone number. Set this value in the Count area. You may also utilize the Delay or Gaps options to add delay or space between messages.
  6. Finally, click on the BOMBIT option to have the targeted phone number bombarded with the specified number of SMSes at once.


So, what are you waiting for? BOMBitUP APK free download right now on your Android device and get started. Aside from that, you may also use it to defend yourself against hostile jokes. Do not forget to leave a review for this app or any other feedback below to let us know if you encounter difficulties with downloading the BOMBitUP Apk.

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