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Blue light, also known as high-energy visible (HEV) light, is a type of light that can harm your eyes if you are exposed to it on a regular basis. The Blue Light Filter app is a tool designed with useful features that will allow you to use your phone without being concerned about being exposed to too much blue light.

Blue Light Filter – Night Mode, Night Shift

People are constantly subjected to a barrage of phone displays for pleasure or business. The user’s eyes are susceptible to damage by the High Energy Visible component of the phone screen. As a result, they required an easy-to-use solution that only took a few minutes to set up so that they could reduce blue light exposure.

The Blue Light Filter is a application that prevents the blue light from your phone’s screen. The Blue Light Filter’s fantastic characteristics will protect your eyes. It also helps to combat eye fatigue when using a mobile phone at night or in low-light situations. You won’t have to be concerned about being harmed by the device’s blue light. It also provides you with several extra appealing color, sleep, and brightness settings on your phone.


Blue Light Filter Pro APK


There are a variety of color temperature filters to select from.

Did you realize that the light from your phone’s screen should have a color temperature of more than 5500K to ensure that you can see its display clearly all day long? The higher the color temperature, however.

The Blue Light Filter mutes the blue light on your phone’s screen. These hues will feature less blue light, which will be good for human health. They may help you rest and relax your eyes. You may choose from one of three Color Temperature settings depending on the circumstances and personal preferences. The range of colors accessible with this gadget is quite broad.

The following is a list of the typical color temperatures based on the type of light bulbs used in homes. The night shift has a 3200K color temperature, a dawn hue tint of 2000K, candlelight of 1800K, fluorescent lighting with 3400K color temperature, and incandescent light with a color temperature of 2700 K. Depending on the different wavelengths for each hue, the amount of blue light will be drastically reduced.

Easy to use screen dimmer

The light modifier does not overwhelm the user. It features simple control buttons for adjusting the blue light intensity with ease. When utilizing the phone’s background blur feature, slide the phone wallpaper blur tool on the toolbar to protect your eyes.

You may use these methods to get rid of undesirable High Energy Visible light from your phone screen and boost its visibility in different conditions. This modifier may be noticed immediately at the main interface, without going elsewhere. Simply move the light adjustment bars right away by clicking on your favorite things.


Blue Light Filter Pro APK


Save your phone’s battery power

The AccuWeather Blue Light Filter not only helps you cut back on blue light, but it may also assist you in significantly decreasing the power consumption of your phone. By lowering screen brightness, your battery will be optimized, allowing you to spend more time on your phone and use it for work. It’s easy: just switch off the light on the phone’s screen to instantly save a third or more in energy usage.

At night, the screen mode is switched on automatically.

If you frequently forget to switch on the night screen mode to keep yourself safe, you may entirely prohibit these activities from being completed automatically. You must choose when the night screen mode should be turned on. When you press the Auto Timer for the Blue Light Filter, a Settings window appears that allows you to customize it. The Auto Changeover option lets you set up a schedule for the display to go from light to dark at a specific time of day every day.

This function allows you to program the screen to turn on and off automatically at the scheduled time every day. You may set any hours that you want, depending on your job and routine. This helps to optimize and make your life simpler by allowing you to turn off the night display option if you tend to forget about it. For those who frequently overlook, this feature is extremely useful since it gives them control over when their eyes will be protected.

nIt also comes with a 60s blue light filter, which is great for sleep.

A disadvantage of utilizing a blue light filter is that the color of your phone’s display changes. This is quite inconvenient since you can’t capture images while viewing accurate hues. The hue of the end result isn’t what you intended, which is disappointing.

This application, on the other hand, has a 60-second delay mode that shows the picture’s real color. Simply turn it on in the main toolbar to utilize this feature. Within a minute or two, your phone will return to natural light, allowing you to snap a quick photo without affecting the colors of the image. If you don’t manually turn it off after 60 seconds, it automatically turns off itself.


Blue Light Filter Pro APK


MOD APK of Blue Light Filter

The free edition has some limits imposed on it by the developer, requiring you to pay in order to use all of the sophisticated capabilities. The Pro version is a full release that’s been unlocked. It allows you to utilize all of the vibrant hues at night with a low blue light resolution.

It also eliminates any advertising or promotional tab applications from your home screen, allowing you to have greater control and convenience. The timer function or changing themes are also accessible without limitations to improve the experience and safeguard your eyes further.


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