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Oct 3, 2023
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Mod Info?

Blood Moon Calling Mod Apk – Immerse yourself in the world of vampires, secrets and forbidden love with Mod features:

  • Free Premium Choices


Your world is covered with a red shadow. In the gripping otome game Blood Moon Calling, an unknown disease changes people into nocturnal creatures, thereby shattering your existence. Can you discover what causes the Blood Moon as you live in a vampire society that hides dangers and secrets? Your destiny will be shaped by how you decide – is there redemption for you or would forbidden love draw you completely?

Blood Moon Calling Mod Apk


What makes Blood Moon Calling unique?

Unlike other otomes, Blood Moon Calling gives tense moments of suspense where your heart races fast, with tremendous world-building and weighty decisions.

  • Immersive World and Complex Characters: Despite being romance-oriented, depth isn’t compromised in Blood Moon Calling. Each full of mystery vampires living in a well-created dark world; they have their own complicated intentions within themselves. Forgotten tales, political scheming and ancient forecasts surrounding the globe shall soon be unveiled.
  • Your Choices Truly Matter: Unpredictable paths and shallow choices are not part of this game. Every decision made in Blood Moon Calling holds a potential to turn around the story line. Find difficult moral questions as well as make unexpected alliances or change destinies of others around. Are you going to reveal hidden facts or just become an agent of chaos?
  • Multiple Endings and Replayability: Many unique endings await anyone who played it through deriving from their individual choices during its course. The charm of Blood Moon Calling doesn’t limit itself to one playthrough but rather it always lures back into alternative paths that can lead into new aspects about its characters and setting.

Blood Moon Calling Mod Apk free download

Who should play Blood Moon Calling?

This enchanting spell is casted by Blood Moon Calling upon whom?

  • Otome Game Enthusiasts: If you’re all about immersive stories, tangled relationships and changing your destiny all through romantic lines then try out this new take on otome which already exists for seasoned otome fans.
  • Lovers of the Supernatural: Blood Moon Calling appeals to those whose imaginations are lit up by elements like vampires, forbidden love as well as hints of occult factors in it.
  • Fans of Choice-Driven Narratives: Do you want a story where your actions have real consequences? With Blood Moon Calling, you can actually be able to drive through the process and equally arrive at multiple conclusions.
  • Players Seeking Romance and Intrigue: Can a game provide more than just flutters in the heart; something that has romance on a grand scale and is mixed with danger-laden secrets. You should take part in this whirlwind of passion and suspense called Blood Moon Calling.

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Blood Moon Calling Mod Apk free download techtodown

Conquer the challenges ahead

The world remains a secret under the red moon which rises. How will you venture into hiding places and create unique stories about yourself within Blood Moon Calling?

  • Uncover the Truth: Get started on an adventure that would lead to answers regarding vampire infection outbreak or even trace its origins back to the blood moon itself.
  • Fall in Love: Amidst all these chaos, form eternal bonds. Will it be a mysterious vampire who keeps secrets for everyone else? Is it going to be a loyal protector or perhaps somebody else unanticipated?


Blood Moon Calling is a game that encourages you to undertake quests, uncover secrets and explore evocative romance within the exotic aesthetic of being vampires. With its intricate world-building and far-reaching consequences from players’ choices, Blood Moon Calling is a unique otome.

If you want to play a story where love gets mixed up with enigma and peril; where destiny lies in your hands, Blood Moon Calling guarantees an eventful journey.


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