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This game is a challenge to your skills. This game is very interesting. It will entertain you. Everyone can play Block Puzzle Jewel APK for Android. The goal of this game is to remove the colored jewels from the board and score points. You have to make groups of 3 or more jewels remove them from the board. The bigger the group, the more points you get. You must hurry up and clear all the jewels before time runs out!

How to play

You can play this game by yourself or with a partner. To play with a partner, one person will draw a shape on their belly, like a heart, star, or circle. The other person will then try to draw the same shape on their partner’s belly, without using their hands. Whoever can clear the board first will win the game and receive points. The game was designed by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a French philosopher, mathematical mathematician, and geometer.


  • 12 relaxing and educational games
  • Clean and colorful artwork (wall artworks great!)
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Share the game with a friend or watch it while exercising
  • Detailed tutorial
  • G+ game integration
  • Challenges and leaderboards to check your skill level
  • Synchronous controls (can be paused, resumed, and fast-forwarded)
  • Share your best moves

Block Puzzle Jewel mod apk Apk Unlocked

Block an artistic masterpiece

Visit the Innsbruck Games website – ar! de. to try out the latest version. Select your device and platform: Check out the iOS version on the left, and the Android version on the right!

Features of Block Puzzle Jewel APK Mod for Android

The game is pretty simple. You’ve got a board with gems on it. You’re given a few moves to clear all of the gems. You’ll have to make a move and then a timer will count down. When all the moves are done, you’ll double your score. There are ways to play but the way I like playing is to move the entire group at once. Sometimes, you can go a little slow or a little fast. Random is the key to success in this game. There are no real rules to the game. Like any game out there, the more skilled you become, the more chances you have to succeed. Thus, the game keeps surprising you with new ways to play.

This is another game we have. Come on, it’s just a puzzle. Seems simple but there is quite a challenge in this game. The bottom of the screen has a timer. If the timer runs out, nothing happens. However, if you’ve made it all the way to the top, you’re in serious trouble. You’re given a life and it takes one more jewel to win. There are many unique things you can do in slot machine games. Puns are always welcome and it’s all about creativity here. The more skilled you become, the better you score. It’s a great way to have a great time. You and your friends can play it anytime. We’ve got another quiz game for you this time it’s a trivia quiz. You’re given a few days to play and then the real game starts. Have you got any questions?

Block Puzzle Jewel Apk free download

Game mode in Block Puzzle Jewel you need to know

There are two main game modes in Block Puzzle Jewel. The first one is arcade mode, and the second one is the endless mode. In arcade mode, you have to finish the level and clear all the star circles to get the next map. In endless mode, you simply need to score as many points as possible. The game is designed to be played by 24 players simultaneously, but they need to play together. The graphics are colored and blended into each other automatically.

There is no limit to how many players you can play at the same time. One of the main goals was to make it easy to learn and good for all skill levels to play. This game fits that goal exactly. It is a simple game that takes only around 10 minutes to finish. Taking a break to play it is recommended! Block Puzzle Jeweled is a nostalgic experience that can bring a smile to your face when you first open the game. The game has a lot of multiplayer options for single-player and multiplayer players. It is available on Mac and, and it’s free to play.


If you want to improve your skills then you must try this game, you will enjoy it as well as learn a lot from it, so don’t waste time just click on the link which is given below and use it, thanks!


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