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Aug 24, 2016
May 14, 2024
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Download Block Craft 3D MOD APK’s lastest version for Android. Build your village in an endless open world! Free download now!

  • Unlimited Money


If you are looking for a great way to kill time, then Block Craft 3D Mod APK is the perfect game for you. This is one of the most popular building simulator games on Android platform. You can try your hand at constructing different buildings and structures while doing so in an environment that feels like Minecraft. The only difference is that Block Craft 3D Mod APK has much more features and tools than Minecraft does. In this post, I will introduce some tips to help you get started with this awesome game!


Introduce about Block Craft

Block Craft 3D is a game that will bring you on an unforgettable journey with pixel graphics and creative features. The world in this game may remind players of Mojang’s Minecraft as it involves building, exploring, and conquering the land around them. Overall, Block Craft 3D brings about many fun elements to its users like exploration modes where they can discover their own unique worlds!


Free to create in a open world

The world of Block Craft is endless and you are free to build whatever your heart desires. Most importantly, there isn’t a specific goal in this game which means that the only limit is what you want it to be! Block Craft 3D is a game that helps with creative thinking. Players can reference building blueprints to make their own buildings in the model collection and then place them anywhere on the map. They have two options: complete construction immediately for coins or diamonds, or craft it based on frames and guidelines- which costs more but gives players time to think about what they want before creating something of their own design!


You can also craft items with different materials

Crafting items using resources is another exciting feature about Block Craft. This will allow players to explore more than just building structures as they will have an option to create tools like shovels or pickaxes. You can even forge new weapons for battle against monsters such as skeletons and zombies. In addition, having all these options available provides gamers with tons of replay value since there are so many possibilities within the world around them! Explore randomly-generated maps. As mentioned above, Block Craft is set in a randomly generated world to provide a different experience each time you play. Unlike other simulators, this game provides more than just the ability to build structures and create tools – there’s also an RPG element involved with crafting items!

Unique gameplay

Block Craft has many features that make it stand out from similar games on Android devices: You can choose your own skin or even customize one yourself (you have full control) The developers are constantly working towards adding new content such as weapons and maps There’s no shortage of things you can do within the virtual world around you With all these features combined, gamers will definitely enjoy Block Craft for hours upon end!

Build your beautiful village

With Block Craft, you can build your own village the way that you want it to look like! In other words, there are no restrictions on what gamers can do. The graphics and environment in this game is also very well designed – creating a unique experience for all players around the world! Block Craft 3D gives each player control over a village. They can build castles, giant figures or skyscrapers and even create their own kingdom with guard structures, residences for residents and ranches. The game also features animals that are found naturally in nature but cannot be created manually by the user- typical examples include wolfs, foxes horse chickens birds etc.. However most of them aren’t available; players must purchase the Jungle Pack which costs 750 diamonds to have access to these new types of blocks as well as plants such as mushrooms gourds and trees. Players can create their own buildings with dozens of blocks such as sand, water stone rocks etc.. They are able to combine several types of blocks in order to make a home for themselves.

Visit the most loved villages

Block Craft 3D is a game that allows players build their own world! In the visit mode, you can search for other friends’ villages and see how they design. You are not allowed to interact with each other in this version of Block Craft though – all you can do is like or share what catches your eye about another player’s village.

Some other features

  • Players can choose from several locations to build their own world such as the desert, autumn forest or snow field.
  • The game is easy for players of different ages and skill levels thanks to its intuitive controls.
  • Block Craft has a cute blocky style which makes it stand out among other similar games on Google Play Store..
  • Mod version features: You are able to play without internet connection; you don’t have to wait in order for your energy points refill anymore You do not need any money at all because there will be no cost when using weapons No more waiting time after every battle Fight against anyone around the world anytime you want Unlimited Coins and Gems Unlimited Money

Download Block Craft 3D MOD APK for Android

Block Craft 3D is a pixel building game that has been downloaded over 250 million times in the past 5 years. The unique part of this free-to-play app? You can download it, show off your creativity to friends and family members by showing them all the designs you’ve built using blocky cubes!

FAQs about Block Craft 3D MOD APK

How much does it cost?

It is free for you! Please don’t hesitate to create your own world with this game and enjoy playing Block Craft together with family members or friends.

What are the features of Block Craft MOD APK?

In addition to unlimited money, you can also get more coins and golds by purchasing them with your real-life currency! You’ll have access to over 100 different kinds of cubes for building purposes in this game…and there are other great items as well!

What are the advantages of Block Craft MOD APK?

There’s no need to worry about your gems and coins running out anymore. You can build a solid wall or expand its size by using blocks in various kinds of designs without any limitations! In addition, you don’t have to wait when leveling up either because there’s no need to build an XP bar.


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