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Big Hunter Mod Apk is an action-packed physics game in which players use a spear, an axe, and a boomerang to hunt huge prehistoric creatures. With a variety of weapons at your disposal, you can conquer the land of hunting!

Find and kill those primitive and enormous creatures! A village in the outback was home to a tribe of bushmen long ago. People were dying of hunger as a result of the continuing drought, which was worsening the situation. Every day, the tribal chief leaves camp to go hunting for food so that his family may eat.


Here in Big Hunter, Android gamers will have the opportunity to play this basic but enjoyable and exciting mobile game about tribal hunting, in which they’ll be the leader of their bushman tribe. Every day, you must complete hunting tasks and provide your clan members with what they require. You go out each day with a limited number of throwing weapons in order to hunt for food. The toughest challenge of the game is to survive until the ammunition runs out. Attempt to shoot accurately and aggressively, before you run out of ammo, to take down as many creatures as possible. The success or failure of your tribe in the game will influence how the tales develop.

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Find your favorite animals, birds, or fish by hunting them in the river or from the bank. Start with a simple touch of your screen to see if you have anything for fishing. The immersive and realistic hunting mechanics will give you a thrill as soon thereafter as the piranhas are released into the water. The amazing visual features make it seem like you’re really there! Press different buttons on the remote control at exactly the same time to launch missiles. Fire missiles by pressing two buttons simultaneously on the remote control. You can obtain new weapons every day, which allows for endless possibilities in terms of gameplay! In addition to that, compete against friends and gamers online.

Simple gameplay

Android gamers will enjoy the intuitive touch controls and simple motions immediately in Big Hunter, which makes it easy for them to get involved in the exciting action of hunting. You simply have to take a step back and aim at the animal while avoiding its assaults with this game. Big Hunter enables you to use quick and basic touch actions without restrictions, allowing you to develop your attacks and dodges freely.

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Many animals for you to hunt

In this game, Android users will face off against a variety of animals with their own distinct attacks and defenses, allowing you to enjoy the fast-paced action of hunting games. Feel free to engage in absorbing fights with the animals and learn about their unique mechanisms to devise strategies for enjoying the game.

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Ancient Weapons

For those of you who are interested, you may now participate in the exciting in-game activities of Big Hunter, in which the game provides great weapons with efficient fighting abilities for you to use. From throwing spears, axes, and using advanced boomerangs to working with various weapons and dynamic actions in Big Hunter, there’s something for everyone.

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Many unexpected adventures

To make certain that you may enjoy Big Hunter‘s fantastic mobile game even more, the game includes numerous in-game excursions with its own unique narrative and exciting action. Feel free to pick whichever tale you wish to follow, play the game, and see how it develops in different directions. The way you do on your hunting days will have a big influence on the tale as well as its development. So feel free to play Big Hunter however you like.

Compete online with friends

For everyone who is curious, the game also features exciting internet competitions in which you may compete with players from all across the world. Feel free to challenge your friends and internet foes in various ranking tables to acquire your rewards and bragging rights. Top of the list to earn your prizes and bragging rights.

Download Big Hunter Mod Apk

Prepare to immerse yourself in this simple yet thrilling mobile game about Big Hunter Mod Apk, gamers can join their favorite bushman hunters on their quests for survival. Discover the intriguing prehistoric universe, enjoy the fast-paced gameplay, and its addicting nature. All of which will keep you playing the game endlessly.



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