Beat Shooter MOD APK 2.2.8 (Unlimited Money, Unlock All Guns)

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Dec 12, 2023
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Beat Shooter Mod Apk is a game where you need to become the best shooter. Shoot all the different targets according to the song’s melody and enjoy the song. It has very good graphics and it doesn’t have any unnecessary animation that slows down your phone, so it is perfect for playing when waiting in line or on public transportation! Beat Shooter Mod Apk also offers unlimited money for free without having to download anything.

About Beat Shooter

Beat Shooter is a music shooting game. Shoot all the different targets to the tune of the song and enjoy the song. It quickly gained popularity among gamers because of its interactivity for them; not only does one have to spin rhythmically, but it also needs to be tapped at certain times – making each level feel like a real musical performance. Sound design plays a big part in how players interact with their environment: every shot has a unique sound from another shot being fired while many things sparkle or flash when they hit the target give the player the feeling that they are participating in a musical performance.



Hit all the notes to complete the music. Every note when hit produces music. Let’s play and shoot to experience the whole music in the most perfect way. Relax by deftly attacking the notes. Take some time to practice. Start from the easiest and most basic lessons to more difficult ones, slowly improve your skills Control your gun with finger controls Try not only for score but also accuracy of shooting every target on screen, or you will lose a life point (life points are limited) You can unlock new songs by completing each level successfully The game is created for all people who love music and would like to play the instrument in their spare time. Tips: When you start a new song, it’s really easy at first but gets harder as you progress Make sure your fingers are on screen before shooting any of the notes or else they won’t count! Keep an eye out for black circles that indicate bonus points – shoot these while they’re pulsing with energy, otherwise wait until it’s gone and try again. They disappear after a few seconds so use them wisely. Use this to practice accuracy when playing chords (you can do this without being penalized)


Diverse song list

The most exciting part of the game is that it has a huge list of songs. You can choose from rock, pop to hip hop or even classic music and many more. All you need to do is just follow the lyrics along with your fingers. With a variety of different difficulty levels, there will be something for everyone who plays this game. You’ll find your favorite music here to fight against enemy notes. Beat Shooter will give you a few moments of relief with things like the turbo pulse, which speeds up your shooting and gives you more points. With these handy tools in your arsenal, there shouldn’t be much stopping you from becoming the best shooter around.


Gun skins

Gun skins are skins for the guns, which change their appearance. You can buy them in different colors and designs from the store. The Beat Shooter Mod Apk will make your gun look even more beautiful with all of these cool features! Get unlimited money to keep playing this amazing game without any restrictions whatsoever! Unlock All Songs is a must-have feature because you get access to every song on it as well as unlock all challenges so that you don’t have to try out other versions of the app just to find one challenge that has been locked up by its developer. It’s also important not only due to how annoying it can be when there are certain songs on an album or playlist that we want but they’re unavailable – instead if there was a mod where you could unlock all songs, then you would be able to get those as well!



The game adopts a refreshing visual style that is full of bright colors. Every location has different backgrounds, so the graphics are not boring. The cubes also appear differently in each scene, which makes them more interesting and fun to play with. The graphics style is fresh and full of bright colors at each location also different backgrounds makes them more interesting and fun to play with . Besides unlock all have been supported by beat shooter mod apks ;every time player will be able to enjoy playing levels or difficulties they want without restrictions on the number of times they’ve played it before.


Sound is not something that can be ignored in Beat Shooter Mod Apk. This game has basic gameplay, but it is a music-based shooter and the sound design plays an important role. When fighting on the fields where you have to shoot according to the melody of the song for victory, if your ears do not enjoy this kind of rhythm or might even suffer from nervousness then I recommend not playing at all ̵ Fortunately there are many players who love these battle rounds so much they want more than one round with different songs. Fortunately developers seem aware of this need because now we see three new modes: hard sequence; endless mode (experts only); survival mode.

Download Beat Shooter Mod Apk now

It is a game where you need to become the best shooter. Shoot all the different targets according to the song’s melody and experience sweet melodies with guns such as rifles, submachine guns or rifles. The developer will release lots of gun skins weekly so that players have an opportunity to own them and add more diverse collections. Along with that are various songs from which you can choose one of your favorites on every week update! Experience now Beat Shooter mod apk unlocking shooting in musical notes along with great songs! Become sniper skillful skills through it! Download Beat Shooter MOD APK now and experience the new type of game!


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