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Mar 5, 2024
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If you think a music game can’t have guns, you’ll be surprised by this one. Beat Fire MOD APK is the name of it. This is a rhythm game in which you can listen to EDM music while shooting at falling tiles. That’s right, you shoot the falling tiles, making a gunshot sound. The fact that the gunshot sound complements the EDM music is fantastic. It makes fantastic sounds when combined with the song you’re playing. Let’s take a look at how to play this music game in the following section to see how it works.

What makes Beat Fire appealing?

Games like Piano Tiles and Magic Tiles are extremely popular between Android users. We’re talking about musical games in which players must play colored tiles before they disappear while always keeping time with the music.

Beat Fire Mod Apk

The creators of the music game Beat Fire have taken things a step further by incorporating a shooting game into the mix. Yes, it may sound strange, but the only thing they’ve added is a gun sight and the ability to collect different guns as you progress through the game and earn coins.

Beat Fire Mod Apk Mod Apk

This game is what you’re looking for if you want to enjoy a great musical game and spend hours watching the tiles fall:

  • Mix the sounds of shots and reloads with various songs.
  • There are dozens of hip-hop, pop, dance, and rap songs in the game.
  • Listen to the songs as you progress through the increasingly difficult levels.
  • Excellent colorful 3-D graphics.

How to play Beat Fire?

Beat Fire’s gameplay is straightforward and simple to grasp. Tiles will fall as you play a song. All you have to do is shoot them before they reach the bottom. The titles will be displayed in such a way that the sound of a gunshot will complement the EDM music perfectly. To shoot the tiles, simply move the crosshairs towards them and they will shoot themselves.

It’s important to note that the crosshairs can only be moved left and right. They’re only near the bottom, so if you miss, it’s game over and you have to start over. You can tap and hold the screen, then drag it left or right to the tiles that appear. The gameplay is simple, but don’t expect it to be easy. Some songs will be difficult to learn because the tempo is too fast. There are also consecutive beats, which means you must move the crosshair quickly. You can also buy different guns in this music game, which change the crosshair and the explosion effect. There is also a lot of EDM music to choose from. However, with the exception of three, the majority of them are locked.

Beat Fire Mod Apk Mod Apk Download Free

You can buy them with the coins you earned by completing songs. You can also test them out by first watching some advertisements. The EDM music is fantastic, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the game as you play it. It’s a fun music rhythm game that’s well worth downloading and playing.

Why you need Beat Fire MOD APK?

As previously stated, coins are required to unlock new songs and weapons. That’s when Beat Fire MOD APK steps in to save the day. You can gain the following benefits by installing this MOD:

Unlimited coins

With Beat Fire MOD APK, you will have an unlimited number of coins in your account. You can use these coins to buy new guns, skins, and unlock new EDMS, among other things.


When your rhythm is flowing smoothly, an advertisement appears and disrupts your concentration. As a result, ads have been removed from this modified version. So, you can play for as long as you want without being interrupted by annoying ads.

Gun sounds

Gamers who install this mod version of the Beat Fire Mod APK will be able to make various gun sounds. Each pitch will contribute to the creation of different exacting music.


Beat Fire MOD APK is an excellent choice for music fans. The vibrant atmosphere and great electronic music hits promise to deliver an experience unlike any other music game. Download and see what Beat Fire has to offer.


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