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Battery Guru Mod APK is a must-have application for every mobile phone user. It presents detailed battery usage information and helps measure the capacity of your device’s battery, while also offering clear estimates and notifications to guide healthy charging habits. Download it today—your phone will enjoy extended hours of use due to its improved battery life!

Battery Guru Mod APK

About Battery Guru Mod APK

The main purpose of Battery Guru Mod APK is to provide users with detailed information about their device’s battery usage such as time remaining before full charge or discharge, current charge/discharge rate, estimated time until full charge/discharge, etc. Additionally, it has features like notifications for low battery levels or abnormal temperatures as well as options for adjusting settings according to user preferences. It also offers one-click optimization for better performance and longer-lasting power life which helps in reducing unnecessary background processes for improved efficiency.

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Ensuring Optimal Battery Health

This application’s primary purpose is to extend the life of your battery and keep it functioning at its best. The app will optimize your phone, and remind you of any bad habits that could be draining or damaging the battery. Remember, after each charge, the lifespan gradually decreases – so if we don’t take care when charging and using our device, complications can arise quickly! With this software installed on your phone though, you’ll have added layers of safety measures in place for a healthier battery experience..

Every Piece of Data At Your Fingertips.

Battery Guru: Battery Saver will give users an in-depth look into the battery power of their phones. All aspects are listed, from the current percentage to usage data for each application on your phone. These figures make it simple to analyze and maintain healthy battery life, so you can avoid any damage being done to your device down the line. With this information at hand, making timely decisions about how you use your phone has never been easier!

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Encourage your Users to Break Unhealthy Habits

Smartphone addicts – we’ve all been there. We get into the bad habit of charging while using or draining our battery until it’s drained, and before you know it, your phone is losing its life force quicker than expected! That is why automated reminders are essential to help users break these detrimental habits. By introducing this system, users can enjoy a longer-lasting device that will serve them for years to come.

Battery Power Supply

Battery Guru: Battery Saver’s energy-saving capabilities not only extend your battery life, but it does so by offering valuable advice to help you reduce data usage. This leads to even more power for your device!

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Key Features

  • Find out the true capability of your battery, as measured in mAh. Plus, you have the option for two batteries at once if needed.
  • The battery and charging controller must be calibrated for optimal performance.
  • Paying attention to the battery charge and temperature warnings can help extend your battery’s lifespan.
  • Leveraging applications to the fullest extent.
  • Recent insights into wake-lock activity since the latest disconnection.
  • Easily monitor your battery charge level and the estimated time it will take to power up back to full capacity.
  • Track the battery’s usage so you can anticipate and plan ahead.
  • Estimations for whether the screen is activated or inactive.
  • Assess the proportion of time you are alert to the amount of time spent in deep slumber.
  • Keep an eagle eye on the battery’s exact condition in real-time.
  • Innovative energy-saving technology for the most sophisticated systems.
  • Supports dual battery configuration.

Battery Guru Mod APK unlocked


Overall, Battery Guru Mod APK is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an effective way to increase your phone’s battery life while still getting detailed information regarding its performance in addition to customizable settings such as themes and language selection depending on what you need most from an app like this one! With its regular updates from developers plus features like low-battery notifications and one-click optimizations for better performance, using this great app will surely give you extended usage time with improved efficiency amongst other benefits!

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