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Band Live Rock Mod APK – Vocal, Bass, Guitar, Piano, and Drums. Simple to use multitrack recording studio and digital audio workstation.

About Band Live Rock Mod APK

One of the most gorgeous applications like Swar System for music that uses actual instruments is called Band Live Rock. The following bugs that occasionally caused the app to crash while starting a project have been resolved in this version as compared to the previous one: After a few tracks had been recorded, they drove the sustain pedal and pitch wheel from the external keyboards to cease functioning properly. Furthermore, a few small modifications are made.

There are many different musical instruments accessible in this band’s live rock music app. Have fun with a live band performing using the simulator. Everyone may use this app for free.

Five instruments are available in Band Live Rock Mod APK; you may play Guitar, Drumming, Piano, a microphone for singing, and Bass to become a hero. Additionally, you may mix your music on your tablet or with a microphone by utilizing this app.

About Band Live Rock Mod APK

Many multitrack recording studios

Band Live Rock Mod APK has a lot of multitrack recording facilities. With the help of this app, you may independently create the entire song and write the song imaginatively, recording each instrument while listening to the others. You may get the chance to record your music and play it for your loved ones and friends.

The easy-to-use tool Band Live Rock Mod APK includes a variety of instruments and sound bank sets that were professionally recorded. You must duplicate or remove your tracks, modify the

song’s zoom in and out, and edit your sections on this difficult drum set with double bass, left-hand mode, and edition mode.

For each team, you may move, copy, delete, transpose, delete, and modify the velocity. Furthermore, mix your recordings using sophisticated options like solo, mute, or individual loudness control. Additionally, export your works in progress to many audio formats, including MIDI, OGG, and MP3.

Key features

  • capable of working with external MIDI controllers.
  • a multi-instrument app that is simple to use.
  • the smallest delay that Android is capable of.
  • Sound bank collections are made in a professional studio setting.
  • You have an unlimited number of tracks to record.
  • Full bass and guitar with 19 frets each, as well as a full 81-key piano.
  • Drum set featuring sophisticated features, such as double bass and left-hand mode.
  • Complete digital audio workstation with several tracks, BPM control, and many track-specific sub-sections.
  • You may duplicate your tracks, delete them, or change the way they sound in edition mode. Zoom in and out to hear the music intermittently.
  • Each of your parts or parts may be edited by moving, copying, pasting, removing, transposing, or altering the velocity. Even more practical features are coming shortly!
  • You may mix your music using sophisticated features like Solo, Mute, and individually customizable loudness.
  • You may export your works in a variety of audio formats, such as MIDI, OGG, and MP3.
  • the position of the playback being adjusted.

Autosave mode.

Band Live Rock Mod APK is free to use, but you may pay money to get a perpetual license that removes ads and gives you access to forthcoming exclusive content.

Band Live Rock Mod APK Mode

Have fun with a full band

Play live music in this entertaining sequencer and mixer simulator with a complete band. Become a hero on drums, guitar, piano, bass, and the vocal microphone with five applications in one. In your tablet or mobile device, mix your tunes.

You get access to a multitrack recording studio in Band Live Rock Mod APK. You may listen to a single instrument or you can use more of your imagination by creating whole songs and recording each instrument separately as you listen to the others.

Make a recording of your music, then play it for your friends. Use a headphone and loud music for the best experience. Everyone can use Band Live Rock Mod APK, from novices looking to learn an instrument to more experienced musicians looking to explore their creativity in a portable DAW.

Unlock new sound plugins for better performances

Last but not least, you may choose to use many helpful features in the app to enhance the fun in-app features of Band Live Rock Mod APK. These features will make it simple for you to replicate the sounds of your piano keyboard, guitar, drum pad, bass, and other devices. All of this ought to make Band Live Rock Mod APK’s audio experiences more interesting overall.

Enjoy the free and unlocked version

And for those of you who are interested in the thrilling Band Live Rock Mod APK mobile application, you can now use the app’s free and unlocked version on our website, which offers a ton of intriguing features for nothing at all. Simply download and install the Band Live Rock Mod APK from our website to get started.

You can proceed if you just follow the directions. You are free to use this fantastic tool to the fullest extent whenever and in any way you want.


Similar features will be provided in a simpler way for you to appreciate in Band Live Rock Mod APK. You are welcome to utilize both of the applications at once to efficiently compose your expert musical works. They are both freely available on our website.


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