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Nov 20, 2023
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For someone who has played Angry Birds before, the feeling of hitting those evil green pigs brings immense satisfaction. However, have you ever thought that you could play for the other side? In Bad Piggies – a Rovio Entertainment spin-off, you don’t use a slingshot; instead, this game makes you become the engineer in charge of their pigs! A wacky puzzle game where you have to create hysterical machines to help these hungry piggies get what they want.Bad Piggies Mod

What Makes Bad Piggies Awesome

Bad Piggies is not another clone of Angry Birds as it may seem. The most endearing and thought-provoking gaming experience out there is offered by this one. Here’s why it’s so much fun:Bad Piggies Mod game

  • Unleash Your Inner Engineer: Forget fixed paths or weapons. Bad Piggies gives you various eccentric parts (e.g., boxes,fans,bottle rockets and more) and lets you loose. The excitement lies in finding out how to put them together in the craziest way possible to make some kind of contraption that works – sometimes.
  • Trial, Error, and Hilarious Payoffs: To be honest, your first attempts will likely result in spectacular failures. But it’s all part of the fun! There’s nothing quite like seeing your little piggy pilot go careening off a cliff or blow up into bits before your eyes. Best part? Each failure teaches us something about what doesn’t work – thus bringing us closer to success.
  • Endless Possibilities and Replay Value: No two people will solve a single level in exactly the same way on Bad Piggies. One day it might be a super fast car on land while next time around it turns into an insanely tall contraption.Such freedom keeps things fresh and prompts them to replay levels with even wackier solutions.

How to Play Bad Piggies: A Beginner’s Guide

Bad Piggies can be daunting, but the actual gameplay is surprisingly simple. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Goal: Each level contains a map filled with stars and an egg-shaped target for the pigs to eat. You must make a vehicle so that your piggy will safely reach this destination.
  • The Building Phase: You start off with a grid and some pieces. Just drop them onto the grid and connect them as you like. Be imaginative! There is no one way of building it “correctly”. However, remember that you have only limited number of parts.
  • The Test Drive: Once your machine is finished, press play! Watch your piggy go on a journey. Did it work? Great! Did it explode? It’s time to laugh at your own hilarious mistakes by going back to square one.

Tips for Success

  • Start Simple: Avoid going overboard in the early stages of construction. A few wheels and a box might be all you need.
  • Experiment: Feel free to try strange combinations – they could just amaze you!
  • Learn From Failure: Whenever stuck, take note how your contraption doesn’t function well; this will help improve it.
  • Remember the Fun: Bad Piggies should bring happiness rather than being absorbed in earning three stars on every first attempt.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Bad Piggies

Now that you understand the basics, let’s raise your game with these useful tips:

  • Mastering Sandbox Mode: Once enough levels have been cleared, players unlock Sandbox mode which allows true creativity!! Unlimited components are given with vast empty space where testing can be done without limitations – here is where crazy concepts are tested and building skills are honed for better performance in subsequent levels.
  • Hunt for Star Boxes: Each level has hidden star boxes that are often located in some very cunning ways. They make the levels more challenging and it is through getting them that bonus levels and other content will be unlocked.
  • Share Your Genius : Bad Piggies has a strong community. Take snapshots of your craziest designs or draw inspiration from other people. If there’s no sharing option within the game, post these insane screenshots on’s social media handles!
  • Embrace the Variety: You will unlock a bunch of new parts as you progress – from turbo boosts to crazy mechanical claws. Try out everything because different elements open up brand new strategies and solutions.


When you’re searching for a puzzle game that’s different, Bad Piggies is a total blast. For more delightful and whimsical gaming experiences, check out another fun title like Merge Dragons.


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