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Dec 6, 2011
Mar 8, 2024
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Attack. It’s not a human attack on a human. Those are attacks of malware, of cybercriminals. They directly affect your personal life and even take away your private information. You are afraid of not being strong enough to fight them. Let AVAST ANTIVIRUS MOD APK lend you a hand. This is “a hero” that can stop any virus attack or any malware with the amazing advanced security features of the latest version.

Summary of interesting things about AVAST ANTIVIRUS APK


AVAST ANTIVIRUS is an application born to clean junk files, remove viruses on your Android device with just one very simple click. Most of today’s devices no longer work smoothly, battery drains quickly, data charges increase abnormally, even personal information in them is stolen. So what is the reason? It is an infection of malicious code, virus infection caused by the attachment of advertisements by websites. It’s a real concern for users.

You need to quickly stop it before you are one of the ill-fated victims of this threat. I’m sure you won’t want to miss the useful features of AVAST ANTIVIRUS with more than 100M+ users around the world.

Astonished features

Avast Antivirus Mod Apk

Worries about viruses disappear

Any malware or viruses that bad guys steal information to attach to some websites will not be able to get into your device without AVAST ANTIVIRUS‘s permission. This is the kind, powerful hero that can prevent and eliminate the dangers that can cause your phone trouble. You no longer have invisible worries when experiencing content on the Internet and even the applications installed on your smartphone.

Thanks to AVAST ANTIVIRUS‘s built-in intelligent scanner system, this application can scan all files and folders in the device for threats, including hidden files and spam. The message is displayed again on the screen soon and all you need to do is select “Clean” to finish the job and free up device memory.

Speed up your phone

Do you know the reason your phone slows down? It is the use of a lot of space of RAM and ROM. It is these junk files that make the memory full causing your device to lack storage space and slow down your device. Your phone will crash and become slow when RAM and ROM can no longer read and write data. On the contrary, to make your device work faster, you need to free up data in RAM. But very few people know how to release it. So what should they do? With AVAST ANTIVIRUS, tasks will be simpler and more intuitive than ever. You just need to click the Boost RAM button and all the problems will be solved in a few seconds.

Access the web with a VPN with privacy

Because of the content that does not fit the culture or the geographical restrictions of some countries around the world, a lot of content on the Internet is hidden. Thanks to the integration of the AVAST ANTIVIRUS app with the VPN, you can discover all the content you want. Moreover, all your browsing activities and logs mustn’t be recorded, IP address and location information will be concealed to create privacy. Having read this far, are you satisfied with the quality of the AVAST ANTIVIRUS application? We can confirm that Avast Software will not provide users with a poor quality service.

Avast Antivirus Mod Apk

Highest level of personal data protection

Photos, video clips, messages, or some other sensitive data are what you don’t want to be seen by anyone when you don’t want to share them. Hide them and create a password using Vault or the app lock feature before something bad happens to you. Now let AVAST ANTIVIRUS provide a quick and easy-to-use solution. It’s horrible when your phone is stolen and personal data leaked! AVAST ANTIVIRUS has been developed to help you avoid those unfortunate incidents with a great additional anti-theft feature. You can easily set in the Anti-Theft section to automatically enable PIN to lock device, lock data changes on SIM and enable Lost feature. It cannot be used by anyone until the PIN is entered correctly. In case of incorrect PIN input, the volume is turned to maximum, the siren sounds continuous and the camera automatically takes a picture of the thief. You can also log in to your previously connected Cloud and get Media files including captured photos and videos.

What are the outstanding features you cannot ignore of the MOD version?

With the attractive features of the latest MOD version of the AVAST ANTIVIRUS application, this application is highly appreciated and used by many people. Maybe these features will interest you:

  • Unlock Premium Features
  • Camera trap
  • Locating your phone
  • Sim security
  • Apps Lock
  • Remove Ads
  • Direct support from Avast

All the features of the AVAST ANTIVIRUS application are enhanced and extended to the highest level in the MOD version. Maybe those features make you more excited about the MOD version of this app.

Avast Antivirus Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AVAST ANTIVIRUS work on Android phones?

  • AVAST ANTIVIRUS creates a very strong firewall and completely blocks possible dangers to your Android device. Therefore, any malware or viruses that bad guys steal information attach to some websites will not be able to get into your device without AVAST ANTIVIRUS‘s permission.

Which is the best antivirus app for Android?

  • The latest version of the AVAST ANTIVIRUS (MOD Premium Unlocked) application helps you clean junk files and remove viruses on Android devices with just one simple click.

Where can I download AVAST ANTIVIRUS MOD APK?

  • You can download this AVAST ANTIVIRUS MOD APK latest version from our download link right on this website. Feel free to download it as it is very safe and free.

A useful and easy-to-use compact antivirus application can only be the AVAST ANTIVIRUS MOD APK version. With just one simple click, you can clean junk files and viruses most thoroughly at no cost. AVAST ANTIVIRUS deserves to be the best application and is well worth installing on all your Android devices.


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