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If you’ve used an Android TV device at any point during the last few years, then there’s a very good chance that you have also used the standard home screen interface. There’s nothing inherently bad about this but sometimes, these stock layouts can just feel like they’re cluttered, unintuitive or perhaps not suited to your personal tastes. That’s where Android TV launchers come in to play. These apps replace your default home screen with an alternative one and in doing so, give you far greater control over how everything is organized, how you can access content and even personalize the look of your interface.

ATV Launcher Pro is one highly-rated option for such a purpose. This app offers a streamlined experience and effortless navigation which also gives you deep customization options that can help make your setup feel more like it belongs to you.


What is ATV Launcher Pro?

  • In simple terms, ATV Launcher Pro is a powerful yet user-friendly home screen replacement app specifically designed for Android TV devices and it has two key goals:
  • Simplified App Access: Scrolling through endless menus to find what you want will be a thing of the past thanks to ATV Launcher Pro. It presents all of your installed apps clearly on the main screen and prioritizes them based on whether each was made specifically for TVs or if it’s just a smartphone/tablet app.
  • Deep Customization: No two people are alike so why should our interfaces be? If you’d rather have a different color scheme than what comes out-of-the-box, then change it. Want to use your own photos as background images? Rearrange layouts however appeals most to you? All of this –and much more– is possible in ATV Launcher Pro.

Think of it as a Personalized Command Center

At its core, this launcher acts as your central hub when using an Android TV device and transforms how apps are interacted with as well as how content is accessed.

Key Features to Enhance Your Android TV Experience

The developers of ATV Launcher Pro have added a ton of features that should make your Android TV much smarter, more streamlined and better suited to you. Below, we’ve outlined some of the most important ones:

Application Widgets: More Than Just Shortcuts

  • One of the most powerful aspects of ATV Launcher Pro is its support for app widgets. Essentially, these are miniature versions of different apps that display directly on your home screen. If you want to see the weather forecast at a glance or perhaps have quick access to your favorite Spotify playlists without having to open the app in full, then widgets will become invaluable.

Customization: Make Your TV Uniquely Yours

  • If there’s one thing we can all agree on it has got to be this: Stock interfaces are boring. Why not experiment around with something a little more exciting? Feel free to mess with different color schemes and try uploading your own photos as background images. If you don’t like something, change it until everything feels just right for you personally.

User-Friendliness: Built for Your TV Remote

  • TV remotes aren’t exactly known for their functionality so it’s good to see that ATV Launcher Pro has been meticulously optimized for navigation with such devices’ directional pads (D-pad). This means no more awkward cursor movements when trying to select things – everything is laid out in an intuitive way which aims to help users find whatever they need as quickly as possible.


Other Notable Features

  • Automatic Icon Extraction: If you’ve ever used an app made specifically for this kind of device then you know how annoying it is when those apps don’t come with their own icons. With ATV Launcher Pro though, this is no longer such a big issue. It automatically pulls in relevant icons and banners from the internet so that your home screen always looks its best.
  • Folder Organization: Those who rely heavily on Android TVs will also be pleased to learn that ATV Launcher Pro has a feature which lets users keep things nice and tidy by grouping apps into different categories. This is particularly helpful if you have a large library of such programs.
  • You Crave Simplicity: If you think the stock Android TV interface is too much or complicated, ATV Launcher Pro will make finding your favorite apps quick and easy.
  • You’re a Customization Enthusiast: If you hate looking at your generic TV and want to change everything about it’s appearance. ATV Launcher Pro allows users to personalize every aspect of their television’s look and feel.
  • You Desire Better Organization: Folders and custom layouts will help you keep your screen neat and make navigating through Android TV a breeze.

ATV Launcher Pro‘s versatility means you aren’t limited to just standard TV apps. If you enjoy streaming services that might not have a dedicated Android TV app, like Magis TV, you can still install and access them through the launcher. This expands your entertainment choices considerably!

Addressing Common Pain Points

ATV Launcher Pro solves all the common frustrations users experience when using the stock Android TV interfaces:

  • Cluttered Screens: ATV Launcher Pro lets you reorganize all the clutter on your home screen, or even redesign it completely.
  • Limited Personalization: The “cookie-cutter” experience has had it’s time, bring customizability back with diverse customization options.
  • Frustrating Navigation: Using your regular TV remote can be annoying sometimes. But with ATV Launcher Pro’s focus on D-pad navigation, things get much easier.


Transform Your Android TV With ATV Launcher Pro

If you’re tired of the same boring old TV experience, ATV Launcher Pro mixes things up with a blend of simplicity and user-friendliness. Do you want a cleaner home screen? More options for personalization? Or maybe just an easier way to access your apps? This launcher probably has what you need.

Visit the right now, and take control of your Android TV interface. So much frustration can be avoided, so why wait?


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