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Nov 5, 2015
Mar 20, 2024
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Surely, you have downloaded or intend to download many different convenience applications for your Android device, but you are always worried that a few applications will distract you. You will not need to worry about this problem anymore, AppBlock Premium APK will solve these problems for you. It is a self-control application that allows you to block unpleasant and distracting apps on your device temporarily or permanently. This useful program is quite convenient, so many people trust and uses this application. Let’s download and find out how this app will help you?

Introducing to AppBlock Premium APK

AppBlock is a useful productivity tool for Android devices, developed by MobileSoft s.r.o. This app allows you to temporarily block unwanted apps or turn them off for a certain time, so they don’t distract you.

You can use this temporary lock mode for a group of apps on your device, or just a few specific apps when you require a lot of concentration. You can use this app to enable blocking apps at a specific date and time, and everything can be reset after the timer has expired.

Outstanding features of AppBlock Premium APK

A simple interface

You’ll notice that AppBlock has a simple interface with only backdrop colors and clean fonts, making it feel convenient and straightforward to use. This program emphasizes on feature buttons, with each task taking only 1-2 touches to complete.

AppBlock Premium APK

You can preserve these Sets in a different time frame if you wish to restrict some apps. And if a similar need arises in the future, simply return to the Settings store and select that Setup.

Easy to use

AppBlock is so easy to use. After enabling the app to access the phone, it will provide a list of all other apps on the device. All you have to do now is pick the button to enable encryption in the row of each app that needs to be secured/blocked in AppBlock. This button can also be used to turn off the option when it is no longer required.

You can also set up email notification blocking and secure browsing mode in addition to the application blocking feature to help you avoid being tracked when using the public internet.

Help you to concentrate on your task

AppBlock is an extremely useful application that can set a timer or remind you of critical chores for the day or block websites and programs based on the wifi address or current location. As a result, this app will help you to concentrate more on your task at work without being distracted by spam notifications, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Establish an unlock password for programs

Stay Focused provides the ability to establish an unlock password for programs that require a high level of privacy, such as Zalo, Messenger, photos, and so on. To keep that information safe, you can group them and lock them with a PIN.

To acquire access to your phone, anyone who wants to use it must first unlock the device and then unlock the app. You can keep your personal information safe and secure with a feature similar to this two-layer security.

In addition, AppBlock can also work with all forms of content on the phone, including apps, photos, and functional utilities. So, not only will you be able to lock the app, but your phone will be almost fully safe from trespassing by others for the time periods you specify.

AppBlock Premium APK

A useful tool for parents

Another useful feature that AppBlock provides is that it will help parents to simply regulate and manage their children’s mobile devices. Many times, your kids use your phone and there are apps you don’t want them to access, so you will need to lock those apps with this app. It will follow the activities on the device while the children are using it, allow you to notice it early, and make relevant adjustments.

What is special in AppBlock Premium APK?

As detailed above, AppBlock is a practical and useful tool for your Android device. With its amazing features, you can effectively manage the applications that work on your device. You can easily download this app for free on Google Play, but there will have in-app purchases and some ads. This purchase may cost you a fair amount of money to use all features in this app. As a result, AppBlock Premium APK on our website Techtodown will unlock all premium features, so you can enjoy them without paying anything.

How to use AppBlock Premium APK?

You can use AppBlock to create passwords for your mobile and tablet apps. A secure alphanumeric sequence that only you can open, a password, a fingerprint, or access via a Gmail account can all be used as a password.

When you opt to lock with an alphanumeric password, AppBlock additionally provides an emulated random keyboard. This phony keyboard will be used to retype your password.


Download AppBlock Premium APK and manage apps to use them efficiently. You will no longer be distracted, or drain your battery with spam notifications, applications when you don’t need them any more thanks to this app’s temporary or permanent application blocking feature. Manage applications on your phone that are not suitable for your child. Enjoy all advanced features of the app for free on this premium version on our website right now.


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