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Comparing Android models is common practice these days due to the technical advancement of smartphones and the intense competition that exists today. Benchmarking tools have traditionally been the domain of the PC industry. Antutu Benchmark MOD APK is conceivably the greatest app for evaluating your phone’s performance and comparing the results with those of other smartphones in almost all of their technical characteristics. What’s more this app does for you? Continue reading to explore!

What can Antutu Benchmark do for your phone?

AnTuTu is one of the most popular benchmark apps for Android devices. AnTuTu provides your device with both an overall numerical score and specific scores for each test it runs, similar to other benchmarking software. The outcomes of those separate scores are added together to produce the final score.

For those who take this test, the score of each Antutu Benchmark are listed below.

+ CPU Score

The first part of the overall score is your CPU score. The output of the CPU’s mathematical operations, common algorithms, and multi-core processors are all included in the CPU score.

The CPU score essentially measures how quickly your phone responds to commands. The majority of the computation is done by the central processor unit (CPU) of your device. Everything on your device will seem faster since a faster CPU can run apps faster.

Naturally, performance won’t be significantly impacted by CPU speed after a certain point. However, operating apps that are more demanding, like top-tier games, may still benefit from a speedier CPU.
Antutu Benchmark

+ GPU Score

Your GPU score is the second factor in the overall score. Depending on your hardware, the output of graphic components like OpenGL and Vulkan makes up this score.

The GPU score indicates how well 2D and 3D graphics are shown on your phone. Accelerated graphics are handled by the graphics processing unit (GPU) on your device.

Your GPU gets to work rendering 3D graphics or accelerating flashy 2D graphics while you play a game. The GPU is also used for a lot of interface animations and other transitions.

Such graphics processes take advantage of the GPU’s optimizations. Although it is more general-purpose and would require more time and battery capacity, the CPU could carry them out. Since your GPU is essentially doing the graphics computation, a higher score here is preferable.

+ MEM Score

Your MEM score constitutes the third factor in the overal score. The results of ROM Random Access, ROM Sequential Read and Write, ROM APP IO, and RAM Access are all included in the MEM score.

Simply said, the AnTuTu MEM score indicates how quickly and how much memory your phone has. The terms read-only memory (ROM) and random-access memory (RAM) are interchangeable.

RAM is used by your device as working memory, and internal SD cards or flash storage are used for long-term data storage. Your gadget will function more quickly the more quickly it can write to and read data from its RAM. Whatever you’re doing on your device, your RAM is continuously being used.

RAM is volatile by nature, but ROM is the opposite. While ROM is used to store permanent data like the software of your phone, RAM mostly stores data that is only needed temporarily. Your phone’s memory, which is made up of both the RAM and the ROM, aids in task performance.
Antutu Benchmark

+ UX Score

Your UX score makes up the final and fourth component of the overall score. The outcomes of the Data Security, Data Processing, Image Processing, User Experience, and Video CTS and Decode tests make up the UX score.

The term “UX score” refers to a total score that depicts how the “user experience” (UX) of the gadget will be in the actual world. You can use this number to gauge a device’s general performance without focusing on the aforementioned benchmarks or placing too much weight on the overall score.

The UX score would be your best option if you had to choose one of the four sub-scores to judge a phone. User experience, as the name implies, is what really counts while the phone is in your hand.

What is more special about Antutu Benchmark MOD APK from TechToDown?

As of the time of writing, Google Play does not offer Antutu Benchmark. To use all of this app’s features, you must download it from the TechToDown website. Having said that, you should make the most of this software to evaluate your phone’s functionality.
Antutu Benchmark

MOD features:

  • Free
  • Premium unlocked


In conclusion, AnTuTu Benchmarking MOD APK is the standard performance & gaming benchmarking test program on Android. By conducting a variety of tests, including the separately available 3D Benchmarking program, this benchmarking tool provides you with an overall score made up of 4 elements: 3D, UX, CPU, and RAM. Download and control your phone with ease.


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