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Welcome to Animal Restaurant! It is a cute casual management simulation game that has taken over mobile gaming. Instead of dealing with humans, you will be running a restaurant and handling furry cute customers as your main focus. Millions of players have downloaded the game to enjoy creating a thriving Animal Restaurant. Written by, this guide provides all that you need to start Animal Restaurant. We will take you through the basics of the game including developing your dream café and attracting loyal clientele in form of soft bodied customers.

What is Animal Restaurant?:

This is just another casual management sims game where you get to own a restaurant but with a twist that melts your heart away. You will play the role of the restauranteur but not just any kind because these are animals in question who have their unique preferences and characters involved. Therefore your duty involves every detail about your business operation, from maintaining finances right through  construct & upgrading premises up to deciding on menus which will appeal pets’ palates. In fact, gameplay in such apps should be relaxing and simple thus allowing one to see his or her eatery grow while animals leave it pleased with food.
Animal Restaurant

Building Your Dream Restaurant:

The Basics:

Your journey in Animal Restaurant begins with building up a small cozy joint when starting out as an aspiring restaurateur. As one advances levels here, there is usually an opportunity for enlarging his or her business so it can become larger than life thereby accommodating more clients per hour and having additional cooking stations among other aspects meant at boosting overall ambiance.

No underestimating power visuality comes when establishing new restaurants! You can actually use furniture and decorations found within animal restuarant wide range of collections while making your place unique hence reflecting on personal taste. It doesn’t matter if someone would like to create cabin-themed restaurant or a contemporary looking one as they are free to do so. Basically, decorations will not just make your restaurant visually pleasing but improve functionality too. For example, arrangement of seats and tables can optimize service flow thereby ensuring prompt food delivery by staff.
Animal Restaurant

Here are tips to create a beautifully designed and functional Animal Restaurant:

  • Try different styles of furniture and décor that work together. You can choose from cozy armchairs and plush rugs to sleek dining tables and modern lamps.
  • Don’t forget the details! Put flowers, paintings, and other decorations around the room to give it life.
  • Consider functionality: visually appealing spaces also need some thought about how stuff is arranged in a hotel so that services move smoothly; there should be adequate space for waiters while also leaving enough room for smooth passage of food through all stages till the last customer gets served.

How to Create a Menu that Draws Customers

Unlocking Recipes

To Animal Restaurant, the key to success is having delicious dishes on your menu suitable for different tastes among animal customers. The game contains a variety of recipes that can be unlocked for particular food items which will provide drooling moments when served to animals. Some are unlocked by going through game levels while others are bought via an in-app purchase business model. Once you level up and complete tasks, more dishes come with it, so you can update your menu and serve more clients.

Animal Restaurant

Menu Management

Upon unlocking a recipe, you can add it as one of the dishes offered in your restaurant’s menu. You have the freedom to tailor your menu at certain events or any other time that you deem necessary within Animal Restaurant. This also allows you to set dish prices fairly enough so that the range between profitability and affordability can be found easily.

Customer Preferences

In Animal Restaurant, the secret to attracting repeat business lies in knowing what their customers want. Different species of animals have different favorite meals thus providing a variety of choices will ensure there is something mouthwatering for every taste bud out there. For instance, with playful otters, they may prefer fluffy pancakes while sophisticated hedgehogs would go for a portion of their favorite chocolate cake. Observing what customers buy most often from you will help shape your menu towards their preferences ensuring that they remain satisfied and keep coming back.

Ingredients and Costs

While creating an exciting menu is important, never forget about managing your restaurant’s finance. To serve in Animal Restaurant means keeping track of all ingredients plus costs involved per item used on them. However, before pricing each meal think about how much its ingredients cost so as not make loss instead gain some profit out of it. At times though, one may try giving discounts or coming up with daily specials just to increase his/her eatery’s earnings.

By practicing these strategies and understanding the value of variety, ingredient prices and customer tastes, you can create a menu that will make waves across the animal kingdom in Animal Restaurant!

Animal Restaurant

Adorable Animal Customers Served:

A Colorful Cast of Characters

The loveliness of Animal Restaurant lies in its cast of charming animal clientele.  Each breed has distinct appearances and personalities that add a little charm and magic to your restaurant.  These are the furry customers; playful otters wearing berets, tiny-glasses clad sophisticated hedgehogs, all that will surely leave an indelible mark on your memory.

Fulfilling Orders

Inside the restaurant, whenever the customer arrives they would go straight to the counter where they can order their meal from.  A thought bubble with the dish being ordered will appear on top of their heads as you can see above.  You’ll then have to cook that dish in the kitchen and take it over to their table for them.  The quicker you are at cooking those dishes orders, the happier your clients will be meaning you get better tips as well.

Keeping Customers Happy

In serving your adorable customers at Animal Restaurant, there are several things one needs to bear in mind. By prioritizing orders for those who have been waiting more than others, this helps avoid impatience among such consumers. Moreover, having enough popular dishes on hand reduces waiting period and keeps fluffy guests satisfied. When customers are happy, tips flow freely into a prosperous business!

Expanding Your Restaurant

As you expand your Animal Restaurant,  and your culinary skills blossom, while attracting more customers to the hotel,  it would be a chance for you to expand your restaurant and take your business to the next level. By doing this you can get access to more space and seat more people. It is not only limited to expanding interior alone but also getting a provision of hiring employees who will help in managing increased workload. In addition, the game that is played continuously provides some kind of depth and excitement; for instance are such features as outdoor areas for dining outside and special events attracting new clients increasing money inflow into the establishment.

Animal Restaurant


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