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None other than the Angry Birds have thrown mobile gaming into a tizzy.  Few games have attracted casual gamers as much as the original Angry Birds and their fingers sliding across screens. In Angry Birds 2, these birds of a feather are back for another round and it thrills more than ever with many interesting colors.

What is Angry Birds 2?

Angry Birds 2 is another physics-based puzzle game from Rovio Entertainment. It is a direct follow-up to the popular Angry Bird that keeps basic game play mechanics of flinging feathery missiles and then adds many new elements that make it more exciting.

Angry Birds 2 still respects its roots as regards catapulting via slingshot. As the player, you control different types of birds each with unique abilities. Through an easy pull-and-release mechanism, you will launch these revenge-seeking birds at structures which are balanced precariously by pigs who are villains in this case. So, your task here is to overthrow those buildings and save the helpless eggs kidnapped by these mischievous porkers.

It’s free-to-play experience which makes it accessible for both young and old players alike since they do not need to spend any money on acquisition or in-app purchases. However, there are in-app payments that can be made but the core gameplay loop is completely free of charge. Consequently, if you desire a fun and simple game which can be played easily but has enough depth under its skin; look no further because Angry Birds 2 should occupy all such thoughts.


Feeling nostalgic for the original Angry Birds experience? While Angry Birds 2 offers a fantastic evolution of the slingshot-slinging gameplay, you can still revisit the classic on TechToDown.Net! Check out our guide to Angry Birds Classic: put the internal link here to rediscover the simple joy of launching the OG Red Bird at those mischievous pigs and relive the mobile gaming phenomenon that started it all.

Gameplay Mechanics – The Art of Avian Assault Mastery

This time around, Angry Birds 2 has taken up core gameplay mechanics from its predecessor and added significant strategic weight to them Here they are:

The Slingshot:

Still your main weapon against Pigs, this faithful device needs careful aiming after pulling back the slingshot to decide how far and fast bird flies through the air. To master the slingshot, you must understand basic physics and accept that there are several ways of doing things right before you finally get it. For example, how far your target is, the bird’s weight as well as wind direction (yes, wind) all affect your launch.

Avian Arsenal:

Angry Birds 2 has a much bigger selection of playable characters compared to the previous game in which you could only throw Red Bird. Each bird has its own special ability that can be used wisely to overcome obstacles and make pigs getting smashed efficiently. Here are some of them:

  • Red (The Mighty Red): A typical powerhouse, Red is what one would typically imagine Angry Birds should be like. He is good at everything and destroys superbly when pecking anything in his way.
  • Chuck (The Speedy Yellow): This speedy bird can change its direction mid-flight and reach tricky places.
  • Bomb (The Bombastic Black): As his name suggests, Bomb goes off on impact making him suitable for taking down vast areas in structures though he should also keep track of time left before he blows up!
  • Matilda (The White Wonder): Do not fall for her soft looks because Matilda can release a heavy egg bomb after landing on its target causing heavy damage to solid fortresses.


This is only a few of the many examples; as you progress through the game, more birds will be unlocked, each possessing their own special abilities that bring even greater challenge to the gameplay.

Level Designs and Challenges:

Angry Birds 2 has levels designed with difficulty in mind. Some levels are straightforward where knocking over pig structures by brute force can complete them. Other levels introduce environmental hazards such as bouncy platforms or TNT crates which require more skill and planning. There are also multi-stage levels with different screen objectives that keep you on your toes, and test your slingshot skills.

Boss battles against villainous Pigs tend to feature too. One needs a different approach to these fights because they involve certain birds having specific abilities for overcoming such defenses put up by bosses.

New Features in Angry Birds 2 – Soaring to New Heights

Angry Birds 2 still maintains the basic loop of gameplay that made its predecessor a success but adds some new exciting features or elements in-between. Below are some of the fundamental improvements that make Angry Birds 2 unique:

  • Character Selection and Customization: It’s no longer about just Red! In this game, one can choose from different types of birds before every level. This allows gamers to select characters depending on what they will face throughout their play time. Moreover, there is also an interesting customization option where you can unlock hats and other items for your loved bird friends creating real personalities among them.
  • Leaderboards and Challenges: Are you feeling like competing? Compare your abilities with those of friends worldwide thanks to Angry Birds 2. Be top scorer according to leaderboards rankings by getting the highest scores ever, thus becoming world’s most famous angry bird! In addition, daily challenges will always keep players busy attempting various objectives which come with amazing rewards making sure that addicts do not miss it out.
  • Clans and Social Features: Furthermore, for individuals who thrive on teamwork, Angry Birds 2 has a clan system. Here you can collaborate with others to solve game challenges and share strategies. With this feature players will find the experience even more enjoyable as they interact with each other.
  • Special Events and Level Updates: Regular special events and level updates by Rovio ensure that things here are kept fresh. Often these events bring about new birds or levels with themes or specific challenges which make it a dynamic constantly changing game.
  • Power-Ups and Spells: Want something extra? Power-ups and spells have been introduced in Angry Birds 2 to help strategize during gameplay. These range from power increases for birds, slowing down time, or manipulating the environment amongst others. Though not necessary for finishing levels, they add another dimension to the gameplay thereby enhancing the chances of successfully passing through tough instances.


Through these new features, the game becomes more interesting hence gaining value in terms of how one can play it again after completing it just like in its first version of angry birds 1 on PC. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced gamer searching for an edge over other players, or someone who’s just coming into contact with angry birds games; then these additions are definitely worth playing all day long.

Beginner Tips for Avian Supremacy:

Mastering the Slingshot: For success, it is important to understand how to use a slingshot. Test out how far you can fire the bird by manipulating the pull-back factor. Take care to aim at factors such as distance, wind direction (if any) and weight of the bird chosen.

  • Selecting the Right Bird for the Job: Not all birds are created equal! Each bird in your arsenal has its own unique abilities. You should know their weaknesses and strengths then choose one that fits the situation best.
  • Utilize Bird Abilities Effectively: Don’t just sling your birds – make sure you activate their special powers at opportune times to maximize their usefulness. As an example, Chuck’s speed boost can be used for reaching hidden areas or detonate Bomb on strategic parts of structures to clear large sections.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Do not worry if you cannot gain three stars on each level when playing Angry Birds 2 for the first time. It takes time to perfect this art of using a slingshot in Angry Birds 2. Explore, enjoy yourself and do not hesitate to replay levels so as to improve on your approach.

By following these tips and mastering how things work in this game, you will soon become a slingshot savant and a master of pig-crushing mayhem!

Conclusion – Soar into the Fun with Angry Birds 2!

Angry Birds 2 is an excellent follow-up that maintains all of charms and addictive gameplay of the initial instalment while introducing some delightful new elements along with extra strategic depth. With its colorful cast of birds, challenging stages, and fun special events, Angry Birds 2 delivers hours of easy-going yet satisfying play-time for gamers young and old alike.

TechToDown.Net invites you download Angry Birds 2 now and see for yourself why everyone else is going cuckoo over this app! Whether you’re a veteran at Angry Birds or a new player, you will definitely be amused by the slingshot-swinging action and offbeat humor of this bird-based adventure game.


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