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Dec 16, 2020
Apr 1, 2024
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MOD info?

Angel Saga Mod Apk is a real-life action role-playing and shooting game! Let’s start an amazing prison escape action adventure and challenge yourself.


NOTE: You need to make a core patch on your device to make it work and root.


Angel Saga MOD APK is a thrilling and magical turn-based strategic combat board game in which players must assist Myel in defeating the underworld’s evil forces. This game may not look like the classic roguelike RPGs that we all remember, but it is an updated version of the genre. There are no minimalist or pixelated graphics in this game. Instead, it has excellent graphic definition, a wide range of colorful settings, and great animations to help contextualize the game. Continue reading to find out what we think of this game.

Introducing to Angel Saga

We’ll meet Myel, an angel tasked with fighting the forces of the underworld, in Angle Saga. To do so, Myel will travel through dungeons filled with enemies who will require the most advanced fighting techniques as well as a variety of magical spells. It is necessary to win battles in order to develop the main character’s abilities.

This action RPG’s main features and functions are as follows:

Intuitive controls

Angel Saga has simple controls that allow you to quickly learn a lot of things in just a few levels. To attack, you just need to drag the joystick and release it to execute the attack automatically. Furthermore, the game, like other games, uses the traditional horizontal screen configuration, so players will not be surprised when playing. With this simple control, you can avoid both large and small enemy attacks.


Various enemies and enormous final level bosses

There are numerous types of monsters in each dungeon of Angel Saga. You can encounter monsters with the ability to rush forward to attack are possible. Or you have to face up with devil trees capable of shooting magic bullets that cause you to lose blood. The deeper you go into the dungeon, the more difficult it becomes.

Especially, in the final dungeon, you will have to fight massive bosses such as wolves, scorpions, and so on. These bosses can withstand a large number of attacks and fight for a long time. As a result, you must fight with all of your learned power and skills. Avoid the boss’s lethal attacks by moving quickly. However, after defeating these giant bosses, you will be rewarded with a plethora of items and bonuses.

60+ special skills and abilities

When fighting giant bosses, you must use a variety of attack skills to deal the most severe damage. With 60 different skills, you can create an infinite number of combinations to enjoy realistic and enjoyable activities while quickly rising to the highest level.

Angel Saga has also added dynamic magic effects and a full-screen game mode, allowing players to enjoy beautiful battles.


Randomly generated settings

Despite the fact that you must complete various levels, Angel Saga includes a horizontal map that assists you in moving to new locations and unlocking, choosing the land, and changing your strategy. Because the stages are all random and unpredictable, no two games will be identical. To be honest, I think they’re worth trying.

Beautiful customizable character system

When clicking on the inventory, you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful character system. Interestingly, there are a variety of different looks for an angel Myel that you can choose from. For the best combat feel, customize your appearance, unlock additional skins with coins, and refresh your character on a regular basis.


What to expect to Angel Saga MOD APK?

So, as you know, in the Angel Saga, the fate of an angel is in your hands. You will have to use different attack skills to defeat all enemy, even the most giant boss. It is easier said than done. Not to worry. We have what it takes to help you become a legendary hero in this game. That is through using the Angel Saga MOD APK on our website. This is a modified version that offers you following advanced features:

  • Mega Menu,
  • High Damage,
  • Defense Multiplier


In a nutshell, Angel Saga MOD APK is ideal for APRG and dungeon crawler fans. Are you willing to assist Myel in escaping that dark world? If that’s the case, download the game right away and do your best to help her.


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