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October 28, 2020
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In recent years, the Among Us game is so popular among gamers. There are many famous streamers today who often stream the gameplay of this game to social networking sites like Facebook Gaming or Youtube Gaming. In this article, we will introduce a modified version of this game, that is Among Pink Mod Apk. This version will have two main colors: black and pink, with interesting features, so keep reading on to discover.

Introducing to Among Pink Mod Apk

Among Pink is an edited version of the original Among Us game for Android phones. In the game, the captain and crew are trapped inside a faulty spaceship. You will fulfill numerous jobs aboard a space station in this game.

Among Pink mod apk

There are some spies, and they will eliminate all other players one by one. Those on board will track down the murders and vote them out before it’s too late. Whoever receives the most votes will be ejected from the station.

Why download Among Pink Mod Apk

This Among Pink Mod Apk is now 100% active file on our website Techtodown. The interface’s colors have been replaced by attractive black and pink compared to the original Among Us. You can enjoy this mod version to see something fresh and appealing. With this mod apk, you can get many amazing features:

  • Unlock all skin/pet/hat

Highlight features of Among Pink Mod Apk


This game follows the same gameplay as the Among us version and takes you on a journey through space. You’ll notice new planets and stars. However, some impostors purposefully destroyed the systems and engines in order to kill their fellow passengers and prevent the crew from returning to Earth. To play the game, you will join a space crew of 4-10 players. There are two group: teammates and impostors. Those who betray them will go to any length to eliminate the entire team. To win and return to the mainland, the crew must work hard on their mission or try to locate the impostors

Among Pink mod apk techtodown

The impostors will disrupt the engine system, lighting system, and oxygen tank throughout the trip to separate the bodies of the crew members. All crew members will perish if the system is not repaired in a timely manner. You’re also incredibly vigilant because if you travel alone and come across imposters, they’ll kill you without anyone noticing. When a comrade’s body is discovered, everyone can meet to look for information about the impostor. Remove impostors from the ship by voting. The crew can then win.

New user interface

The game’s background visuals are influenced by Black Pink, a popular Korean band among young people nowadays. All of the characters in the game have a distinct pink tint that makes them stand out.

Among Pink mod apk download

The game’s main interface has been somewhat altered, but it remains largely unchanged from the original. The distinctive graphic style of the game Among Pink will wow you as soon as you enter the game.

Game modes

Among Pink has two major game modes. You can play online with your friends or other players from all over the world. You can easily construct rooms and invite your friends via code in this mode.

Among Pink mod apk latest version

You can use the public option to identify rooms, or establish a private room and invite only your closest friends. Control the number of participants and impostors and you can begin the game when there are enough players.

Customize your character

You can create your character with a distinctive flair and choose a skin color at random for your character. They can wear hats, spectacles, and masks, and they can even bring their pets. This feature adds to the game’s originality and makes you stand out even more to prevent being confused by other players.

Impressive 2D graphics

This game has 2D graphics and fluid movement. With the predominant pink color tone, everything is supposed to be charming. This version will undoubtedly persuade you if you are a Blackpink fan. All of the character designs are the same as they were in Among Us, and the gameplay is unchanged.


The Among Pink Mod Apk is so charming, attractive, and enticing. Especially, if you are a Blackpink, you won’t be able to miss this exciting game. This is an entertaining game, which will bring a new experience to you through new images, a new interface that is more eye-catching than the original Among us. Download and enjoy.

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