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Our smartphones have more capabilities than we could have imagined. And by installing Always On Edge Pro APK (Pro), they will become increasingly appealing.

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Remember the satisfying little blink of your old phone’s notification LED? All you had to do is look at it for a second, and you would tell if that last message mattered or was just yet another meme from one of your friends. Unfortunately, most modern smartphones have seen these useful lights fade away. Nonetheless, Always On Edge (AOE) now offers hope for the return of this visual convenience, and an added bonus of personalized notifications. This guide exhaustively covers everything about AOE that will aid in setting up your notifications informtively with elegance.


What is Always On Edge?

Always On Edge (AOE) is a smart Android app aimed at addressing the absence of dedicated notification light in newer phones. With AOE however, your phone screen becomes a replica of those vintage LEDs among other functionalities. It provides subtle yet eye-catching visual cues including:

  • Incoming calls and notifications like emails, messages and app updates among others!
  • Charging status: See how much battery you still have without fully waking up your screen.
  • Customization galore: Make your phone stand out with unique lighting effects.

Why AOE Makes a Difference

  • Never Miss the Important Stuff: One quick glance at colorful edge lighting reveals whether there’s need to urgently attend to notifications or not.
  • Aesthetics with a Purpose: Customizable colors, patterns and animation styles makes your phone unique.
  • Potentially Better Battery Life: For some users, AOE’s innovative approach towards notifications might be more power saving than traditional always-on-display features seen on certain phones.

Edge Lighting: Your Notifications, Your Style

The core aspect of AOE is edge lighting. Whenever any message comes through on the display surface borders as per user preferences shine forth. And here are some ways you can personalize it:

  • Colors – Choose between bold solid color or gradient where the colors change dynamically based on the apps that sent what message.
  • Patterns – Play with different patterns ranging from solid lines to fascinating pulses until you find something that works for you.
  • Animation Styles – The options are limitless, one can add more fluidity by including flowing light effects or a mischievous blinking pattern.
  • From solid lines to mesmerizing pulses, experiment with different patterns to find the perfect visual alert. To take your phone’s personalization to the next level, combine AOE’s lighting effects with a stylish icon pack like Reev Pro Icon Pack.


Camera Cutout Lighting: Maximizing Your Screen

Many phones have little ‘punch-hole’ front cameras. AOE makes this region act as a notification ring similar to edge lighting whose color, animation and triggers of activation are under your control.

App-Specific Settings: Total Notification Control

Do you want all urgent work emails to flash red while non-urgent social media pings remain blue? By adjusting its lighting system to app level, AOE easily allows customising LED notifications on an individual basis thus creating visual hierarchy so that you will always know how serious each alert is at first glance.

Beyond the Basics

However, there is even more in store for you with AOE:

  • Battery Status Indicator – Subtly indicate your remaining battery life through a colored ring around the edge or camera cutout.
  • Music Visualizer – Edge lights move with your songs.
  • Always-On Functionality – When no notifications are present, AOE can show basic information such as time and date if desired.

Customization Tips for Success

  • Start Subtle: It becomes easy to go all out with flashy patterns. Begin with simple patterns and a few colors to avoid overwhelming your display. So you can always spice things up later!
  • Match Apps to Importance: For high-priority apps use bold colors and catchy patterns and less urgent ones gentler styles.
  • Battery in Mind: While optimized there may be slightly more power drawn by complex animations in AOE. Find a balance between visual flair and battery life.
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment: What makes AOE beautiful is its flexibility. Just experiment until you come up with a combination that feels truly yours.

Battery Drain: Is it a Real Issue?

So, does having lighting effects constantly triggered drain my battery? Luckily, AOE was designed considering efficiency in battery consumption. In truth, many users notice that it uses less battery than their phone’s own always-on display features.

This is why:

  • AMOLED Magic: If your phone has an AMOLED screen then only illuminated pixels consume power.
  • Smart Triggers: You could also make set AOE to activate when the screen is off or at specific hours for example during sleep times only.

Tips for Maximizing Battery

  • Conservative Styles: Choose simpler lighting patterns and use fewer animations per second.
  • Sleep Schedules: Think about switching off AOE at night when you are sleeping.
  • App-Specific Settings: Use less intense lighting for applications that send frequent, but low priority notifications.

Compatibility Check

AOE is designed with Android phones in mind. Nevertheless, some strange screen shapes or heavily modified software on devices can cause problems. In case of doubt, always check app reviews to see if other people with your specific phone model have had a good experience with it.


Always On Edge: Your Phone, Your Way

If you miss the convenience of notification LEDs or just want to add some personalization to your device, then Always On Edge is a great solution. Its wide range of customization options ensures that you can create a notification system that works just as you need and like.

So why not download Always On Edge from the and start experimenting? Unlock brand new level of visual information on your phone and let those notifications really work for you!



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