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Feb 22, 2024
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About Alice Gear Aegis

Alice Gear Aegis is an accessible game where players control the movement of female characters and destroy enemies. The controls are simple, just swiping and tapping the screen. You can meet a wide variety of female characters through gacha mechanics, and help them become strong.

About Alice Gear Aegis Mod apk

Join the Girls on Their Quest to Vanquish the Enemy

Players will join the adorable anime-style heroines in Alice Gear Aegis to assault menacing opponents. They have tremendous equipment and weapons with which to easily fly about. At the same time, players have the option of selecting an attack strategy since the number of foes that appear in front of them is massive. Furthermore, the amount of enemies varies greatly and is all within player reach.

In this game, players will observe everything from a third-person perspective. You won’t need to press too many buttons to control the girls’ actions in the game–specifically, you only need to swipe to move and touch the screen lightly to perform attacks. Players can experience this game with one hand while still having precise control over their character’s actions. Surely everyone will like what this game has offer them!

Exterminate Your Enemies With Mightier Arms

The beginning of Alice Gear Aegis provides numerous tutorial levels so you can get to know how the character moves and attacking styles before taking on enemies. Each character has both long range and close range attacks with different strengths and weaknesses that players must consider. There is also a variety of characters available, each with their own unique abilities, which allows for customized teams depending on player preference. The player will encounter three distinct starting areas before the beginning of the level, and in them, there will be a leader that may participate in the first game.

At the same time, you have free reign over what weapons and equipment you use for your chosen protagonist. You pick which stage to begin with, and another option appears when you view the support character. As a result, there are now four characters available to control freely in battle. When the battle starts, you’ll notice a lot of enemies and their accompanying circles on the screen. This is the target recognition feature of the game, so you don’t need to worry about quickly moving to dodge attacks and having to start aiming from scratch again. In addition, you can also switch between different characters for assistance if one character’s health runs out. You have everything you need available to help you beat even the most challenging levels.

A Powerful Team of Beautiful Women Arises

A Powerful Team of Beautiful Women Arises

Alice Gear Aegis is special because players can summon different characters throughout the game. By using resources, players will have to wait for results until the character appears in front of them. However, there is a diverse number of stars that appear with different stats for each player to strategize with. While spending time increasing the strength of these characters, they will continue to grow stronger.

Being able to equip your character with the right weapons and machines before battle is essential to success. You will find many of these weapons as bonuses throughout the game, but their effectiveness can also be increased by upgrading them. So anyone who wants their waifus to be strong enough to destroy the enemy should take advantage of this feature.

Players will find spectacular battles between lovely girls and formidable enemies:

  • The female characters will have to pick and choose their battles wisely as they face many different kinds of enemies.
  • You can easily manipulate the character, and when you use the identification mechanism in conjunction, you’ll be able to keep track of your opponent even if you’re constantly moving.
  • A team is made up of three player characters and a supporting character who may take turns to complete the level in the most efficient manner possible.
  • The number of characters in this game is diverse and you can get them randomly through the gacha system.
  • Every character has their own stats, equipment, and abilities that will improve over time as they take on more enemies.

Download Alice Gear Aegis MOD APK v1.56.0 (God Mode)


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