6ix9ine Runner Mod Apk 1.6.0 (Unlocked Money, No Ads)

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Sep 2, 2020
Dec 22, 2023
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6ix9ine Runner is a game about rhythm combing with an endless runner in which we control the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine while smashing blocks and listening to their own songs, developed by Gamejam studio. And, thankfully, we now have 6ix9ine Runner MOD APK with a slew of advanced features to help us improve our game. Follow us as we provide more in-depth information about this game and its altered version.

Introducing to 6ix9ine Runner

6ix9ine Runner Mod Apk

Fans of the rapper 6ix9ine can now get their hands on the game for this music game, which they will want to try out right away. We will be controlling an artist’s avatar who will be destroying blocks with a weapon to the beat of their own music. Here are what the game has to offer:

Simple controls

6ix9ine Runner is simple to play: simply swipe your character to the right or left of the screen. Your goal in each level is to destroy enough blocks to complete the level and progress to the next. Make sure to avoid all of the traps as you play; if Tekashi touches any of them, you’ll lose the game and have to restart the level.

A variety of rap songs

6ix9ine Runner has a different song for each level, and fans can listen to his famous collaborations with artists like Niki Minaj and Anuel AA. Despite this, the game is littered with advertisements. Every time you replay a level or begin a new one, you’ll be forced to watch an advertisement.

Tons of unlockable things

6ix9ine Runner is a vibrant game that no Tekashi 6ix9ine fan should be without. There is also a slew of unlockable items, including new outfits, weapons, and characters, such as Tekashi’s girlfriend and the rat who turned him into a living meme. Finally, Tekashi will shoot rainbows from his eyes and become invincible for five seconds if you touch special blocks.

How to play 6ix9ine Runner?

6ix9ine Runner, a new rhythm action game starring Tekashi 6ix9ine, invites you to smash blocks while listening to his hit songs. Break blocks to the beat as you dash and slash your way through colorful levels with vibrant backgrounds and creative props to earn the highest score. Score well and use the money to customize your runner!

6ix9ine Runner Mod Apk (Unlocked Money, No Ads)

Bash to the Beat

In 6ix9ine Runner, you have to get to the end of the song while smashing as many of the note blocks as possible. So, remember to keep up with the beat of the song you’re listening to and you should be able to predict the blocks.

Dealing with Double Blocks

In a song, you’ll mostly be dealing with single blocks per beat, but you might come across two blocks next to each other. To hit the two blocks, you must place your runner directly in the middle of them.

6ix9ine Runner Mod Apk (Unlocked Money, No Ads) Free

The angle is a little tricky, and you might miss one block even if you thought you were right in the middle, but don’t worry. It will count if you hit at least one block on the beat, and it will not break your combo, which is crucial if you want to get a high score.

Make a lot of money in the game

With the money you’ve earned previously, you’ll be able to unlock new songs as you play. The bonus you receive is proportional to the amount you gain. As a result, if you want to make a lot of money, try to finish at least 75% of the songs. To see where you are on the road, look at the three diamonds in the progress bar at the top of the screen!

Download the latest version of 6ix9ine Runner MOD APK

So, are you ready to play 6ix9ine Runner, an endless running game with multicolored graphics, music, and lots of rhythms in which the famous rapper runs like there’s no tomorrow? If that’s the case, 6ix9ine Runner is a must-have. It’s currently free to download from the Google Play Store. However, because it is a freemium game, it will include in-app purchases and advertisements. Do you want to get rid of all of these annoyances? Then we strongly advise you to take advantage of 6ix9ine Runner MOD APK. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy fully unlocked gameplay without being interrupted by annoying advertisements. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

In conclusion, 6ix9ine Runner MOD APK is a one-of-a-kind rhythm game that features a new hold and drag gameplay rather than a simple tap game. If you enjoy music and Rap, especially if you are a fan of 6ix9ine, you can download this game from the link provided here and conquer 6ix9ine’s songs on a variety of levels.


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