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If you enjoy puzzles and games of logic and wit, or if you simply want to unwind after a long day at work or school, you should consider checking out the game 1LINE MOD APK. In this game, you must trace the dots of an abstract shape, but the line cannot be drawn over any other drawn line. It must pass through each grey line only once. As a highly geometrical math game, it requires your wit and creativity, but in exchange, playing these unblocked games at school is both addictive and fun!

What makes 1LINE interesting?

The name 1LINE may lead you to believe that it is the most recent addition to Naver’s instant messaging and chat application. However, this 1LINE has nothing to do with this producer. We’re talking about an addictive puzzle game that will put your mental capacity to the test as you try to solve logic puzzles at a glance.

You’ve probably played versions of this game with a pen and paper, attempting to connect dots with lines that you can only cross once with your pen. That’s exactly what you’ll find here if you download this APK to your mobile device, which is obviously optimized for smartphones and tablets. Because of its simple and straightforward mechanism, this game is extremely responsive! Draw the lines and drag them with your mouse – there will be no lag.

And here are some game features that will have you falling in love with this game over and over!

10 levels, 500 stages for nonstop fun for everyone!

As you might expect, hundreds of levels based on this addictive premise will be available in 1LINE, with increasing difficulty. Yes, that would bring the total number of crazy finger-mouse fun stages to 500.


While the kids tackle the easier stages at first, you can take over when things get too difficult! It’s a lot of fun for everyone, thanks to the clear, sleek graphics and elegant gameplay.

When you’re stuck, team up with your friends or family members to solve the puzzles! For the difficult levels, create your own mini-games of “who can solve it first!” Alternatively, “who can solve it the quickest?” Whatever gaming path you take, you and your friends will have a great time!

Unique challenges

As you progress, you’ll come across more lines and dots. And more difficult requirements, such as “one-way lines” and “overlapping lines,” will be added. These challenges will encourage you to use your imagination to figure out the best way to finish the drawing.


However, keep in mind that there isn’t always a single solution and that there may be several possible paths. And if you get stuck or don’t know how to continue the game, you can always rely on the clues to help you figure out how to keep going.

Various daily quests


The game offers many daily quests that is sent to your 1LINE’s mailbox. Go there every day to complete quests and gain awesome prizes after that. Will you be able to outperform everyone and maintain your position at the top of the leaderboard?

Why do you need the 1LINE MOD APK?

As you can see, 1LINE is a puzzle game that trains your brain while you play. Among the numerous stages that can get you stuck are some fiendishly tricky, complicated puzzles. At that point, you may wish you had a plethora of hints to help you overcome the game’s difficulty. But what if you’ve exhausted all of your hints?

Stop struggling! We have got what it takes to help you overcome even the trickiest levels of 1LINE. That is 1LINE MOD APK. This is a modified version that gives access to the Unlimited Hints and All levels unlocked. As such, you can fully enjoy the game.

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Hints
  • All levels unlocked


Can you solve an abstract picture puzzle with a single line? It’s more difficult than it appears! Don’t believe me? Download 1LINE MOD APK right now and put yourself to the test.


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